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Thread: Council Rd, north of 29th St

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    Default Council Rd, north of 29th St

    Saw that they're starting to move quite a bit of earth on the west side of Council, north of SW 29th Street next to the trucking terminal. Anyone know what's going on there. Also got some going on on SW 29th east of MacArthur on the south side of the road.

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    Looks like the spot on Council (2101 S Council Rd) will be a new location for Waukesha-Pearce Industries, and will be built by Van Hoose Construction Co. WPI is an industrial equipment leasing company. Building permit BLDC-2015-08858 was filed on 9/8 and is still in review.

    I can't find much of anything on the MacArthur spot... The only thing I can really find is that the property at 3200 S MacArthur changed hands at the beginning of this month, to "ABC 4 LLC", which appears to be attached to PrecorRuffin. No recent permits for anything around that area that I can find.

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