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    Default The Intersection From Hell (update)

    I fear, m'lady, that soon the approach to other venues, just north of The Kilpatrick at Penn, shall become impassable due to the Grand Opening of Cabelas and the improper planning of the roadways thereto . . .

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    Default Re: The Intersection From Hell (update)

    But Cabelas is on western and south of the Kilpatrick? But is it an intersection from hell, sure is! I know the PLANOKC has it specifically in the plans to redo and hopefully make much better.

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    Default Re: The Intersection From Hell (update)

    It's already horrible but with all the traffic that will be coming from the north to Cabelas it will make this impossible. I don't know what they are going to do but I will avoid that intersection at all costs.

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    Default Re: The Intersection From Hell (update)

    I used to think that intersection was bad. But now that I'm living in LA I was there a few weeks ago and it was a breeze anytime including rush hour.

    OKC is getting bigger. The car is the main mode of transportation in this area. The area is rapidly growing. I've said it before but I think every one of these streets needs to be six lanes and Texas turn around at every intersection. That will help a little. At the end of the day, you're not going to be able to build a road wide enough for 300,000 cars or however many people are going to be in NW OKC shopping and doing whatever.

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    Default Re: The Intersection From Hell (update)

    Makes me so happy I don't live up there and can actually walk to so many places I want to go. Went for a run through downtown this evening and didn't almost get killed a single time. Time are truly changing in OKC!

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    Default Re: The Intersection From Hell (update)

    Good for you! We went on a 40 minute walk with our dog and four year old on a bike without training wheels (still a new concept to her) through our whole neighborhood and didn't get hit either!

    (Unfortunately we haven't got anything to run to other than a park and lake)

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