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Thread: Bartlesville Considering New Retail Development

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    Default Re: Bartlesville Considering New Retail Development

    More development starting up:

    Tulsa Company Helps Deliver Rebirth Of Downtown Bartlesville - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |

    This is a pretty significant shift in my opinion, in that a reputable outside developer is coming in to do this. Not since about 2006 (Buford & Curtis Lofts) has any outside investment really occurred downtown. Everything else has been pretty piecemeal, and yet the downtown area has continued to thrive.

    I will say the most consequential development in downtown Bartlesville has been the rehab of the building now known as the Johnstone-Sare building. It has survived two fires to become the cornerstone of the community. Certainly a legacy that Clyde would be proud of.


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    Default Re: Bartlesville Considering New Retail Development

    Well, the strip mall next to Lowe's appears like it may meet it's holiday 2017 deadline. I have heard however that bats are holding some things up. Apparently they are a protected species and getting rid of them in the hot summer months can be difficult due to some really wacky rules.

    In regards to the retailmegedan mentioned in the Stillwater thread, we aren't really seeing it in a huge way here...yet.

    Sears closed in Washington Park Mall, however it is slated to be replaced with Dunham Sports, which I would say would be an upgrade. It's a market that really isn't served here yet, whereas Sears was being bested by Lowe's and I'm not even going to try to stick up for their soft goods. The new options in Silver Lake Village will more than make up for that. I'm also guessing Dunham's won't necessarily be a direct competitor to Hibbet Sports as I have seen both operating close to each other in a few other cities.

    Hastings closed as they did everywhere. The space (in a really sad looking strip mall) is still available. In my opinion Hastings had lost it's way. Why would people go rent movies now when they can do it from the comfort of their own home? They were too slow to change, and got left in the dust. And let's not even start on brick and mortar book stores.

    Far as I know, JCPenney will remain.

    K-Mart is closing later this year. Good riddance as well. You know how Macy's looks the day after Black Friday, I felt like that's what K-Mart looked like every day of the year. My pipe dream is that Reasor's finally shows an interest in Bartlesville.

    Rue 21 is gone. Meh. Niche stores like this have been coming and going well before the age of Amazon.

    Stage Department Store - Sears without the hard goods. Not a loss.

    In summary, big foot print stores that carry a wide variety of sub standard products are not going to do well. The modern day shopper is too discerning for that crap.

    On the addition front beyond Silver Lake Village, phase 2, which is being delayed because of our favorite lunatic citizen, should include ANOTHER sporting goods store, Academy.

    Chick-Fil-A will be constructing it's first Bartlesville location out in front of Eastland Plaza, which is said to be doing some significant work to spruce up the place, including possibly moving Hobby Lobby to the front of the development where Atwoods used to be (prior to moving out south of town).

    Chicken Express, a DFW area chain has submitted a permit to construct a store just to the south of Walmart.

    Ree & Ladd Drummond own the land on the Northeast corner of 75 & Price road (out in front of the mall) that is rumored to be some sort of cafe, but no official word yet.

    PHAT Tire Bicycle shop just opened downtown.

    And Casey's General Store looks to be building it's second store in Bartlesville exactly one mile from the first at Madison & Nowata (the first is 1 mile north at Madison & Adams).

    I've lived here for over 10 years now, and honestly don't recall a time where I have seen this much activity going on at once. And this all with a new round of layoffs and constant fear of one of the big 2 pulling out all together.

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    Default Re: Bartlesville Considering New Retail Development

    Oh, and the Hollywood bug may be returning. DiCaprio and Scorsese no less.


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    Default Re: Bartlesville Considering New Retail Development

    I don't think this is directly related, but the mall in town will be 50% vacant by year's end. There has been several ownership changes over the last few years, and I believe it is still on the market. Complaints of high rent have been going on for years. Soon Gap Outlet and The Buckle will be closing (and not moving elsewhere in town that I am aware of). Sears closed (all though the mall was likely not at fault for that one), but JCPenney's somehow escaped the chopping block. Dillards is still operating as well. One of the larger non-anchor's Cavender's shut down shop and did not move. Buffalo Wild Wings has indicated it that will be exploring a stand alone store on the highway. Maurice's moved out to the new Silver Lake Village along with GNC. The only movie theater in town still operates in the mall.

    Coincidentally the old outdoor mall, Eastlast Shopping Center is seeing a bit of a renaissance. Hobby Lobby has renovated the largest store and moved in. A new fitness center (Planet Fitness) is set to occupy the former Stage Department Store space. Chick-fil-a should open within a month or so. Parking lot is getting re-habbed. Basically the exact opposite of what is occuring at Washington Park Mall. Just weird how the timing is playing out.

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