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    Mustang Palomino Mexican Restaurant

    This restaurant currently has a location in Stillwater and is looking to build a new restaurant in Mustang at 1404 E SH152. This is basically just south of the Silver Stallion for those familiar with town, or East of Aaron's.

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    I had thought this was dead, but apparently they own the land and this is still going to happen.

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    Fast food alley needs a restaurant. If this Tex-Mex will do better than the two existing ones only time will tell.

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    I eat there about every week. Service is quite good when not packed. Food is good. Mounted on the ceiling in the main dining room is an amazing huge round painting of fighting roosters facing each other. I'm surprised there are no protests over it. Their frozen margaritas aren't as good as the ones at TX Roadhouse.

    The family's other big restaurant is on the west side of town called El Vaquero. It's in a somewhat more attractive building. Inside there is so much Mexican mural artwork on the walls, some of it 3 dimensional, that it's like eating in an art museum.

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