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    I've been both excited and nervous about this, but i'm launching it today!

    EASTxMIDWEST Community Magazine
    (Eastern Oklahoma County by way of Midwest City)
    is a FREE local community magazine focusing on creating an
    informational bi-monthly publication to highlight the people
    and events that make Midwest City the best place to live.

    I have started a GoFundMe page to start the initial funding!
    There are several reward levels to choose from.
    For those donating $50 or more, they can receive this T-Shirt:

    I would love to answer any questions anyone has.

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    Does it just cover things in Midwest city or will you be covering other eastern county towns as well?

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    Sorry it took so long to reply, just got back from a beautiful wedding at the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, AR.

    EASTxMIDWEST will cover Midwest City, but will mention other municipalities when Midwest City is also involved.

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    Where can we find it?

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    Looks really nice. Are those just mock-ups or have you done a print run yet? If nothing has been printed yet, be sure and fix the typo in "Americas Model City." There should be an apostrophe in that instance. But this looks like a neat project and wish you the best of luck!

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    These are mockups unfortunately, we are still collecting funds to get her off the ground and started.
    EASTxMIDWEST Community Magazine by Marcus Monroe - GoFundMe
    I'll be adjusting the prizes around, including moving the t-shirt from the $50 donation prize, to the $25 donation line.

    Midwest City needs an image change and this is my way of going about it. I've been in web and graphic design for over 10 years and figured I needed to put my skills to use to better the image of my hometown. I've had experience with OK Travel Magazines, University Homecoming booklets, various commercial products for local businesses and plenty of smaller print projects too.

    Now I realize there are a lot of "central OK" magazines popping up, but none even mention anything outside of OKC unless it's Edmond/Norman. After years of change, Midwest City still has it's 90's persona among many residents of the metro who do not have the desire to actually travel into our city and see the difference for themselves.

    Midwest City currently has 2 newspapers, the Eastword News and the Midwest City Beacon. Both newspapers cover a broad spectrum of topics, including local sports, extensively, but that is not the focus of EASTxMIDWEST. ExM is here to highlight economic developments, community groups and organizations, Midwest City citizens and volunteers, and basically anything that highlights Midwest City as a better place to live.

    Midwest City can be more than just a bedroom community/suburb for Tinker and Oklahoma City. We are the first moderate city you arrive at when traveling from the east and most eastern Oklahoma Co. residents drive right through us to other destinations in Moore, OKC, and Edmond. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, why are these people driving farther to get what they need when Midwest City is right there. Why are we not the weekend entertainment hub for eastern OK County?

    Remember when we had movie theaters? Putt-Putt? Anything of entertainment value? Why are we missing out on these Sales Tax dollars? The same tax dollars that can go to improving our cities infrastructure.

    There are groups/organizations that are charged with these responsibilities, "but not every message reaches the entire crowd". The hopes are that ExM can reach those individuals and influence an influx of talented people and families that want to become apart of Midwest City and invest their time, talent, and money into the city we are proud to call home.

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    Im going to repost and say we need an "entertainment" build with a theater, putt putt, laser tag, arcade, etc. again. Throw in an indoor water park like the one in Clinton, and you've got year-round stuff going.

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