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Thread: 401 NW 30th St. (Paseo)

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    Paseo 401 NW 30th St. (Paseo)

    This seems like a great building in a good area. What am I missing? How has it not been re-developed? Feel free if I missed the thread on this.

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    It does seem like this would fill in quickly, but I have no idea what the interior looks like. With the new Paseo building on Walker, The Rise, Pump, and Gusto, it seems like the momentum is favoring developing this soon. Property records show this is owned by Matt Guillory, who also has the empty lot across Hudson.

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    Yeah, it's been owned by the same family for a long time and now the main owner lives out of state.

    Tons of potential.

    Really, the Paseo had a head start on most the urban districts but not much has happened there in quite a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    Really, the Paseo had a head start on most the urban districts but not much has happened there in quite a while.
    The driving force behind the Paseo rebirth was John Belt, who died a couple of years ago. Nobody seems to have stepped in to fill the huge gap he left.

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    It's technically in Edgemere. I lived in that building for about a month right after getting a divorce. A friend had his photography studio in the space down the right hand side of the photo, and was good enough to let me stay in his the industrial flat he had inside the studio while getting my own place rented and set up.

    He's now one of the founding owners of COOP, and this was the time when they were test batching beers, before the brewery was built, funded or even named. There was unlimited ultra-handcrafted beer in the fridge at all times. It's fair to call that building the birthplace of COOP Aleworks.

    The guys from Twenty Minutes to Vegas (RIP) used the corner space as a practice room, and their drummer Eric (now of Riverboat Gamblers) lived there.

    My understanding was that a guy from Louisiana bought it about 5-6 years ago though, and was living in it. Doesn't jibe with the ownership situation as Pete describes it, but that was my understanding.

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    Default Re: 401 NW 30th St. (Paseo)

    Records show Frank Family Trust sold in 2006 to an individual with address in La.

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