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Thread: What's going in next to Old Chicago?

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    Default What's going in next to Old Chicago?

    Looks like the lots cleared for a new building.

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    I heard it is suppose to be Pei Wei.
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    I started a thread currently seventh in the Midwest City/Del City category, (see "Pei Wei) about this on December 21st and my first comment was "I saw this in yesterday's DOK. "Pei Wei Asian Diner leased 3,100 square feet of space in Midwest City Town Center, 7305 SE 29 in Midwest City, from Sooner Investment Group Inc. Inman and Graham handled the lease.". Old Chicago is at 7301 so apparently, Pei Wei is "next door" to Old Chicago.
    C. T.

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    I found it interesting that they tore out surface lot for this too. There have been times at Christmas, when overflow used that space. But if I were the developer, I'd rather build-out for the other 150 days of the year too.

    So I believe we're down to a single plot left, and it could be difficult to get sold. It does face Air Depot, but not no visibility to 29th. And being behind a gas station and Santa Fe doesn't make it all that great of a location...and with the plot being fairly good sized, you'd either need to split it up into a little strip (please no) or one larger retailer that's on with being on its own.

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