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    Well it didn't take all that long to happen. You knew it would once Old Navy came to down, that Ross couldn't be far behind.

    Ross quickly took up the empty space left from Office Depot's move to their new building in Town Center. They've been doing work there for several weeks now and with that in the space, that shopping center is now full again.

    It's an interesting thing because in the short period of time that the area had a large amount of empty space (and MWC in general had a lot of empty big box space), so many detractors said MWC was dead and would ask why would people want to open there. Now just a few years later, every single one of those spots are full (and I'm counting Target since we know what's going in there after the building is dozed....and that project is simply waiting on the other locations to be formalized so they do construction at the same time).

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    I really think the success of the new shopping center on 29th has breathed new life into retail in MWC. It made people realize that MWC was still a viable place to open a business.

    I missed what is going to happen in the old target location. Can someone fill me in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doufan View Post
    I missed what is going to happen in the old target location. Can someone fill me in?

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