As has been discussed in the 21c Museum Hotel thread, the Hall family will retain ownership of the old Fred Jones plant that the hotel will occupy and be a partner in that $51.5 million project. Hall Capital also owns quite a bit of land around 21c and has ambitious plans for development.

Hall owns property on 5 blocks around the hotel and the current plans call for 4-story apartments on all of them with structured parking and commercial/retail on the ground floor along all the street frontage. The one exception will be Block 3 which will be a small number of for-sale units at 2 or 3 stories with private garages.

All existing structures will be demolished except for the plant itself and two small red brick buildings at the northwest intersection of Sheridan and Fred Jones. These structures were built in 1930 and will become a live music hall and restaurant and the one-story building to the west will feature a rooftop patio. We first reported this in a post on March 17th.

Hall is partnering with a master developer who is turn seeking other local developers to help develop the various blocks, all within a certain design and conceptual framework. I know Andy Burnett is involved and possibly Mark Beffort, David Wanzer and Ben Sellers, as well as others.

Current plans call for approximately 200 living units, considerable commercial space and structured parking for residents, hotel guests and patrons of the various establishments. Effectively, all five blocks would be covered with dense development pushed to all the property lines.

The parties involved are still in various active negotiations, including with the City to arrange for public incentives. However, it is my understanding things are looking very solid and an official announcement should be coming soon.