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Thread: Loosing control

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    Things are getting worse, and I'm not just talking about looting. But people are going crazy trying to get out of the city, and looks like they've had to halt the bus evacuation, because people from everywhere are flocking down to the buses trying to get on. They are seriously loosing control down there.

    Story: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9156612/

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    I know, I can't believe it either - what a horrible shame that people have to suffer like this.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    I don't understand why 5 days have passed and our military hasn't been able to gain control? Is it because they are just now sending enough troops and supplies now after several days? I thought we had enough military support that could handle a situation like this so that things like this wouldn't happen here.

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