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Thread: New app for reporting code violations

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    Default New app for reporting code violations

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    It's a great start... but for now it feels like it is trying to do too many things.
    The front page has buttons for way too many topics. seems like some of that should be moved to a menu and taken off the main screen.

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    Default Re: New app for reporting code violations

    I thought it seemed pretty simple and straight forward. I get tired of logging in and having the go to the tedious time of finding the address or tell them specifically how far from an intersection something like a pothole is. I have already used it and imagine it's the only way I report stuff going forward. Regardless it's very progressive of OKC and I think it's a fantastic idea.

    I see people gripe all the time about code violations and potholes. I know the city has inspectors out all the time, but the simple fact is if people would just report that kind of stuff I know from experience it usually gets taken care of in a decent amount of time, especially considering how spread out the city is.

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    Default Re: New app for reporting code violations

    I would like to see the people that think "I'll only be a minute" is a legal disability get busted.

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    Wow! Is this board filled with Communists? Unbelievable!

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