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    I was at the OK Rail Museum this weekend with my kids for a Day out with Thomas. Anyway, the rail line for the ride with Thomas goes behind the Section 8 townhouse apartment complex that sits right on I-35 and 23rd (west side of the highway). What I found odd was that the back half of the property was all boarded up and had been abandoned. I'd consider that portion of the property blighted given the holes purposely cut in the roofs, the overgrown grass/weeds, etc. But the front half of the property still seems to be used, with new tenants still being taken.

    So my question is, if this is "project" housing in OKC, why is it in this state? The other facilities in town (like the one across from Dell on 15th/I-44) isn't nearly as nasty looking. Why abandon only part of a complex? If the state is involved, why would someone allow that type of mix between abandoned and functioning? It's inviting unwelcome activity to that area...I can guarantee drug deals, prostitution, and vagrancy would be occurring there given it's seclusion and view...you can't see ANYTHING from the road and it's just trees/rails/warehouse behind it...plenty of hiding room.

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    The property you mention is the most depressing thing I've seen in OKC. It looks downright post-apocalyptic there. It would be scary enough if it was abandoned, but then, as you mention, you see that here and there certain apartments have people living in them!

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    I thought you were basing your title of this thread off of that one 4 lane stretch of I-35 left in the city between 44 and 40. In essence, it is Section 8.

    With regard to the building, I'd save all my endurance for cycling on the city trails for that area so I could hurry my way through!

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    Yea, but there was that one Impala on 24's parked in the lot. So, where there are Donks....there is hope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filthy View Post
    Yea, but there was that one Impala on 24's parked in the lot. So, where there are Donks....there is hope!

    And before anyone gets butthurt over my comment...I also took my children to the Thomas the Train deal on Saturday. When we passed by this development, and saw every single window boarded up...it was somewhat funny to see this one car, in a parking lot of boarded up apartments. The car was very unique, and unmistakeable. So, I know that the OP would also find humor in this, if he indeed saw the same thing I did.

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