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Thread: Midwest Blvd and 10th St

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    Default Midwest Blvd and 10th St

    Who used to live on the SW corner of Midwest and 10th? A friend who grew up in the area said that some fat cat used to live there, had a stable for his horses, and even had a small personal golf course. I have to assume that the golf course evolved into the 9-hole course just south of there...but who used to own the property?

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    I assume it was WP "Bill" Atkinson. He developed MW City and owned the land at 23rd & MW Blvd plus the Eastgate shopping center (NE corner of 10th & MW Blvd) I was the Asst Mgr at Otasco there and Mr Atkinson came in on occaision. I did some gun trading with him one time. Bought a 4 barrel .22 cal derringer from him.

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    Yes, it's owned by the Atkinson Trust.

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    Here's a link to the gallery and museum:

    Atkinson Heritage Center | Rose State College

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    Thanks, guys! I knew the folks on here would know. :-)

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