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Thread: 19th Street Traffic Study

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    Moore 19th Street Traffic Study

    Not sure if this was posted yet (I didnt find anything at quick glance).

    Traffic Study for 19th Street which also includes information about several future/planned developments in the area.


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    Lot to read through but I find it interesting that the land that Integris owns there South of Life Church down to 34th Street is still listed as a "planned" hospital on the study.

    Edit: Also see they mention a "discount center" rumored to be Costco? and a "Grocery Store" rumored to be Winco? are listed in TAZ 1.

    Edit 2: Basically this study says that without the 34th Street bridge traffic around the area will all go to a F rating. I hope the city does more of a push to get their message out and get the vote approved. The study recommends a 4 lane bridge and associated 4 - 5 lane widening down to Broadway and Santa Fe. This would defiantly improve the situation especially if ODOT would agree to Ramps. Says without the Ramps at 34th they may have to make 19th a Single Point ramp (Morgan Road and Main Street).

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    Robert - is the "discount center" not referring to the new Sam's?

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    No it listed that discount center in the TAZ 1 which is North of 19th and it says by LA Fitness, Carl's Jr., Chicken Express, etc.

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    wasn't garden ridge " at home " going in over by WINCO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesseda View Post
    wasn't garden ridge " at home " going in over by WINCO
    Yes that is correct.

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