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Thread: La Quinta? Comfort Inn?

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    As we were driving toward OKC from Choctaw this evening, I noticed a billboard for La Quinta...three miles ahead. Huh? The motel that used to be La Quinta is now Motel 6...so we watched the roadsides and sure enough, there was a LaQuinta. I think it used to be a Comfort Inn. When did it change?

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    A few months ago. The old building went without a sign for a while, but i did notice that it never seemed to actually close...which i thought was weird. So what i've always thought was weird was, there's a Studio 6 still there...is there really that much of a difference? The old motel 6 is a Super 8 (which is an old pile of a hotel). And they both still have outside facing doors. I believe they are the last ones in the area that are still built that way...and they chains that own them seem to continue to fall further down the line.....

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