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Thread: WinCo

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    Wont make me sad, in fact that's actually better. I mean it is a 40 year old Target building that hasn't been maintained for 10. Low ceilings, drab exterior. That's actually the best outcome...which is really funny since that means the corner people complained about being dead, not only came back to life, but didn't even have to reuse the old building, rather built new ones on the same land.

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    Darn, I wish they would maybe put one in Norman. Perhaps take over the old closed Wright's grocer.

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    Very excited about this location. its closest to my house and will bring some life into that shopping center.

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    Looking at sale prices WinCo obtained the land at a bit of a discount compared to the land for Sam's Club at the old Lynn Hickey location. $425,531 per acre vs $449,750 per acre. Seems to be an excellent location to draw a diverse clientele from.

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    I'm really glad to see WinCo (and Sam's for that matter) going in on the near NW side of town. I'ts been largely neglected for too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FighttheGoodFight View Post
    Darn, I wish they would maybe put one in Norman. Perhaps take over the old closed Wright's grocer.
    I don't think the old Wrights building would be big enough.

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    I know they haven't closed on the Penn location yet, but the developer has started building an access road to where Winco is going to go in.

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    Cool article on WinCo. They really do seem to have a respectable business model- excited to see them in OKC.

    This supermarket chain has made millionaires of hundreds of its regular employees - The Week

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    Bump. Another status update request. What is the word on these locations? Building permits or any announcement of some kind?

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    Believe they are still trying to lock down the Moore location, then they'll make an announcement and get to work.

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    I got to visit the McKinney, TX WinCo this past weekend and I was very impressed with the store. WinCo will definitely be my first choice when they come to town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    Believe they are still trying to lock down the Moore location, then they'll make an announcement and get to work.
    Was looking through the City of Moore council minutes and came across this from the January 20th meeting

    Councilman Cavnar asked if Winco closed on their property. Steve Eddy, City Manager, indicated that they closed toward the end of 2014 and have not submitted any plans. However, it was staff’s understanding that they plan to start soon. Ms. Ebrey stated that there are three entities that are purchasing pieces of property and they are determining locations and access.


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    Thanks for that!

    Yes, they closed on 12/23/14 for $2.5 million.

    Just leaves the Penn/Memorial location to close.

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    Do you know if this is the location to the East of LA Fitness behind Chicken Express / Five Guys / Aldi as was rumored previously or is it a different location?

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    Here is the location:

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    Ok thank you. That's where I always assumed the Costco would go

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    As a father of 3, if I still lived in OKC, WinCo is the new retailer that I would be the most excited about.

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    Yep, it's pretty darn great. It is going to absolutely kill it in OKC.

    Would be my go-to grocer if I lived there or the one closest to me here wasn't 30 minutes away.

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    Here are the site plans for their 39th & Portland location:

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    I am excited to check it out.. it isn't as close to me as Crest but its not that far either.

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    I wonder if they're going to keep that awkward curved turn in off 39th.

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    Sure looks like it.

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    It may have been said on this thread and I may have glossed over it, but is there a rough ETA when this bad boy is completed?

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    WinCo still hasn't even announced any of their OKC stores.

    I know they haven't closed on the Penn/Memorial location yet, so they may be waiting on that.

    Then, I would expect all four stores to go under construction about the same time.

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