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Thread: Cheap Furinture

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    Moving in a few weeks and fairly new to the area. I'm looking for a place where I can get good but cheap furniture. Used and in good shape would be ok too. Mainly a entertainment center and computer desk. Any places where I can start looking. Mathis Brothers clearance section was OK but nothing I liked.

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    Craigslist can be a really good option. I see everything from trailer park, to shabby chic to very high end. I've both bought and sold via Craigslist in the past.

    As in retail, I like some of the antique/vintage places along Western or in the Plaza area.

    Sam's furniture is often well made and priced right. Plus, virtually everything goes on clearance at some point. A $200 chair I bought there a couple of months ago is already down to $129. Bought a returned leather modern recliner for 70% off in the recent past. Problem is, it can be very hit or miss and prices/clearance is not the same from store-to-store.

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    Goodwill usually has a good selection.

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    Planks and cinder blocks with a huge wire spool table. Smaller spools make great side tables. When I was in the Air Force and that's how just about every bachelor decorated his crash pad.

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    Once way back in college we came across a majorly fantastic cheap deal on soda by the case, and we loaded up. Flipped empty cardboard flats over the top level of cans, wrapped the 4 wide x 4 high stack in the living room with a sheet and pinned it up. Instant coffee table. Similar with other smaller stacks. It took quite a while before we ran out of our fake tables.

    We have a knack for stumbling across furniture deals by people downsizing or moving or just tired of what they have, even if they haven't had it long.

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    Also, this time of year is garage sale heaven.

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    +1 for Craigslist, but you have to be patient to find the deals. I spent four months looking for a nice executive desk for my home office. I finally found a steal of a deal on an awesome Hooker executive desk, with matching lateral file cabinet for only $300. He had moved out of state, his new place couldn't accommodate it and he and was tired of paying for a storage locker to house it. I was almost giddy handing the guy the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBatesokc View Post
    Also, this time of year is garage sale heaven.
    Ain't that the truth. Makes it hard to navigate neighborhoods sometimes.

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