Most know that I rarely set foot in this forum but it's time to set some limits.

I've already banned a couple of people and will be doing more of that in the near future. I've learned the hard way on several discussion forums that posters don't change their ways, no matter how many warnings and second chances they receive.

If you are in the habit of posting things like "typical lberal xxx" or "typical rightwing xxx", then you need to find another place to vent your anger.

The main reason I hate to moderate this forum is because as soon as you do, you get labeled as having your own political/religious/racial/sociological agenda. It's actually predictable and a little humorous because often on the same day we get labeled as simultaneously sympathetic to the right and the left, agnostic and evangelical, etc.

But this site is read by thousands every day and is a reflection on OKC, the state and me personally.

So, if you can't be respectful to others on these topics, please stop posting on them; otherwise that decision will be made for you.

Rule of thumb: "Address the point, not the poster".

Never any reason to even address someone individually because on emotional subjects to do so is almost always seen as provocation.