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As a oneworld loyalist, I'll respectfully disagree
I;'m not only being selfish as a star loyalist, but Seattle has a huge SkyTeam presence and ONCE had a Star gateway in United that has significantly scaled back. Oneworld is represented but there's no strategic advantage for them to challenge SkyTeam up here. Star is the only one that still makes sense and given our loss of United, if AK would come to Star then a lot of star loyalists here like myself could use our status points we earned on United and it would therefore significantly challenge Delta/SkyTeam desire to make a hub out of us (and challenge Alaska).

Anyway - I do see your point too but mine was moreso a reflection of Seattle's changing air market and the impact of United/Star pulling out. I suppose I and other * members could continue to go up to Vancouver for flighs - which is a very HUGE Star airport but that mostly only works for international flights given their also HUGE intercontinental and foreign flag presence over SEA, US domestic - not any advantage going up to YVR.