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    Default New General Food & Drink forum

    To better organize discussion, this forum is now for specific restaurants and bars and there is a new forum for all other food & drink discussion:


    Please use that forum for "what is the best xxx in town?", "recommendations for breakfast downtown", "where can I buy this particular specialty food?", "what is a good recipe for ?" and the like.

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    Prunepicker Guest

    Default Re: New General Food & Drink forum

    Is this forum for talking about cooking and making drinks?

    I'm not a big fan of non stick coated cookware but I really like my 8" Calphalon
    for eggs. The weight is distributed perfectly which provides excellent balance
    for flipping the eggs without a spatula.

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    Default Re: New General Food & Drink forum

    Strange, your link for the topic above returns a 404 error. .

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