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Thread: Dirt work by Whataburger

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    Default Dirt work by Whataburger

    Anybody know what they are planning to build next to Whataburger, they have started dirtwork. I'm pretty sure the sign said Crossland Construction. I didn't notice if any of the other areas of the old car dealership had dirtwork started or not.

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    which Whataburger?

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    If memory serves, just west of Whataburger in Norman on Main (Old Larry Spencer car site) will be an Aldi's grocery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pahdz View Post
    which Whataburger?
    Only one in Norman on W Main like kevin said.

    Thanks for the info Kevin.

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    oh okay, yes that is going to be an Aldi, Crossland is indeed the GC for that job.

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    Are they building a Goodwill store next to Aldi's? It looks like a building permit was issued for that as well as Aldi's.

    building permits Business The Norman Transcript

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