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Thread: Another Terrorist Casualty

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    Officers in London aren't familiar with weapons and tactics like our police are in the US. Most never even carry weapons - now I know why.

    Sheesh, this is pretty sad, once they had him down, wouldn't handcuffs have done the trick?

    But of course, none of this would have happened if it weren't for the cowardly terrorists. Chalk another innocent human life up to those creeps.

    LONDON, England (CNN) -- Police say the man they shot dead at a London Underground station was a Brazilian national "not connected" with this week's attempted bombings on the city's transit system.
    London police identified the man as 27-year-old Jean Charles de Menezes.

    "For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets," the police statement said Saturday.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Your right Karrie, sure sometimes the cops go overboard, but had it not been for the bastards that go around terrorizing the world this would not have happend.

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