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    The company's website lists it at the address listed for the old Round up location. As for why, when I was in there for my regular scheduled cleaning in December they where massively booked. Seems the have more patients then they can handle.

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    Honestly, I'm surprised. We tried them out for a little while and they were so disorganized, did poor work, and the staff all around seemed unprepared. We left for Smile Creations and have had a much better experience. Especially after he fixed part of what Depot has messed up with my children.

    I can get 4 of us in at Smile Creations and sort of take over the place for 30 minutes and get us all cleaned and done fast and with quality work as the staff all gets on all of us. At Depot, the staff would have taken 15 minutes just to track down the extra parts and pieces needed for a simple cleaning (that they should have done BEFORE we sat down). Then wait for 15 minutes for someone to come clean, then 15 more for the doctor. And it was 50/50 on if they would do even 2 of us at once. Then go to the front desk and they never seemed to understand how to run the insurance and would call us back later. Then half the time what they wrote on the appointment card didn't match what they put in their computer. Like I said, it seemed like everything down the train (pun) was off track (another pun).

    If it works for you, great. Hopefully, they figured things out.

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