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    Default Any Know A Good garage Door Man?

    The property we're buying is going to need both garage doors replaced. I used to use Earl McFarland , but I cant find him anymore. I'm Looking for someone who does good work and won't try to bend me over.

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    Default Re: Any Know A Good garage Door Man?

    Darl Gorum with 24/7 Garage Doors. Phone is 245-5430. Always found him to be reasonably priced and he does great work.

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    I used a garage door company once - to replace 1-2 springs and it was over $100 and took them 15 minutes.

    Since then I've had very good success simply posting to Craigslist.

    I've had one door repaired and two doors (a single and a double) upgraded to better openers. Each time the person I vetted out from Craigslist did a great job and it was cheap.

    Most recently had a new opener put on my rental property - I provided the opener and sensors and he installed it for $60.

    Did the same thing for a bunch of 3-way switches I needed installed. I didn't have time or patience to deal with it, so I found a guy in CL who did it for $20 each set of two. Was in and out in a an hour or two and replaced several sets far cheaper than an electrician out of the book. Keep in mind he was just upgrading the 1965 switches to a more modern toggle. Electrician wanted $75 a set.

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    Default Re: Any Know A Good garage Door Man?

    Thanks guys. .. I'll check them both out.

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