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Thread: Tulsa Councilors won't be recalled

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Tulsa Councilors won't be recalled

    Personally, I'm glad to hear these councilors will be staying put. They were catching a lot of heat for calling into question the direction Tulsa is taking. It's about time someone call into question the direction Tulsa is taking.

    "Tulsa councilors won't be recalled

    TULSA -- Two city councilors will keep their jobs after voters Tuesday rejected a historic recall effort featuring name calling, lawsuits and thousands of dollars spent in cash.

    District 2 Councilor Chris Medlock and District 6 Councilor Jim Mautino will remain on the council, voters overwhelmingly decided.

    "The opposition fired their best shot, and I did the best I could," Mautino said outside his watch party.

    "I believe the people in District 6 are ready. They are ready for change and it's long overdue.

    "Tulsa is going to win tonight."

    The Coalition for Responsible Government 2004, the group seeking the recall elections, raised more than $85,000, largely from real estate and building groups.

    Jon Davidson, the group's chairman, said the results disappointed him.

    "It was a loss for the entire city of Tulsa," he said.

    Almost 60 percent 2,469 voters voted against the recall in Medlock's district. More than 71 percent 2,644 voters were against recalling Mautino.

    Both councilors had been criticized for opposing mayoral appointments, land annexation and the Tulsa Metro Chamber's role in economic development.

    No criminal allegations ever surfaced.

    Mautino and Medlock said they were targeted for recall simply because they questioned the city's direction.

    Mayor Bill LaFortune, the League of Women Voters, the Tulsa County Republican Party and the local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People publicly opposed the recall.

    Shelly Boggs, assistant secretary of the Tulsa County Election Board, said the recall cost city taxpayers about $34,000.

    In March 2004, Medlock received nearly 59 percent to win his district, and Mautino received nearly 55 percent to win his.

    Boggs said she and the election board secretary could not remember another recall in the city's history. "

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    It seems every time a group of people do not get their way (usually a tax increase requirement that will improve their way of life) they cry foul. Yes. It is good that the screaming minority got trounced.

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