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Thread: Downtown Rooftops

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    Default Downtown Rooftops

    Intended to track the growing number of downtown rooftop dining/gathering options.

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    Let's get this started...

    1. OKC Museum of Art (CBD)

    2. Cardinal Engineering building (Auto Alley)

    3. The Caliber (Auto Alley)

    4. The Packard (Auto Alley)

    5. Bossa Nova @ Cafe do Brasil (Midtown)

    Coming soon:

    Plenty Mercantile (Auto Alley)

    Ambassador Hotel (Midtown)

    The Edge Apartments (Midtown)

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    Chelinos in Bricktown has a rooftop patio

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    Skky Bar
    Lit (closed I believe)
    Coaches (closed)

    Aloft will have one on the west side, at least for event space.

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    Lit is closed, but Frequency is open there. https://www.facebook.com/FrequencyOKC

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    The soon-to-be-renovated Mideke Building will have a rooftop patio.

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    I wouldn't include Skky Bar considering it's more like a covered patio. Or does roof top mean outdoorsy and include covered/not covered?

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    The Centennial also has a great rooftop with a pool.

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    Default Re: Downtown Rooftops

    Ya know, I was wondering, does the building that Joey's Pizzeria is in have a rooftop gathering area? It has those funky skylights on the top and I think that would be an interesting outdoor gathering area.

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