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    Default Firefighters killed

    My thoughts and prayers to the families and the community.

    19 firefighters killed in Arizona blaze; 'Our entire crew was lost' - CNN.com

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    Just horrific. Terrible. Terrible.

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    I had never heard of those fire shelter things before. Sounds like a scary situation for sure.

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    After having lived in Arizona and seeing these men from local departments and US Forestry fighters across the state fight many blazes, this is tough news.

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    Default Re: Firefighters killed

    How incredibly sad. That many at once.

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    The LA times has an emotional slideshow and radio traffic audio from a similar 'burn over' event from 2008. Gives you a sense of what these brave men faced.

    2008: Firefighters trapped in 'burnover' find safety in their emergency shelters -- latimes.com

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