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Thread: Sonic Corporation

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    Quote Originally Posted by corwin1968 View Post
    Wow. Those Sonic guy commercials were pretty bad. I can't imagine commercials that make those look good!
    We don't eat at Sonic, haven't for years, and the new commercials would never make me want to try it (either for the first time or again), and yes, they're worse than the two guys.

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    The food is bad regardless of their advertising.

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    I don't think the commercials are bad lol

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    Those bad commercials were hugely successful as ad campaigns go. Sure looks like a few people liked them.

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    The Sonic/COOP hard seltzers are in liquor stores and most outlets that sell COOP beer starting today.

    Oklahoma gets them first; other states will follow in August.

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    After years of (rightfully) criticizing Sonic's decline in burger quality, I have to give them credit for really upping their game lately, mostly on their limited time specialty sandwiches.

    They recently had a chicken slider that was every bit as good as Chik-Fil-A and I've tried several of their specialty burgers and all were excellent.

    I don't order regular burgers from Sonic. I have gotten burned too many times, so I don't know if they've improved those as well. I do sometimes get that Hickory sauce burger with an onion ring inside, on Texas toast, and the last two or three I've eaten were greatly improved over past versions.

    Hopefully this trend continues and Sonic goes back to being a place where you can consistently get a pretty tasty fast food meal.

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