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Thread: Oklahoma City 48 Hour Film Project

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    Default Oklahoma City 48 Hour Film Project

    The 48 Hour Film Project, the world’s largest timed filmmaking competition, is returning to Oklahoma City!

    From August 9-11, hundreds of Oklahomans will spend a wild, sleepless weekend creating short films at breakneck speed as part of a global competition that is equal parts The Amazing Race, American Idol, and Tough Mudder. Fueled by imagination, ingenuity, and energy drinks, teams will compete for the chance to win a $5,000 grand prize and the opportunity to screen their mini-masterpiece at the Cannes International Film Festival’s Short Film Corner in 2014.

    Plus, the OKC48 Winner will be named an automatic Official Selection to next years deadCENTER Film Festival in OKC, as well as Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan!

    Here’s how it works: At the Oklahoma City Kick-Off Event on August 9th, each team registered will receive a movie genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue that must be incorporated into their film. The teams then have 48 hours to write, direct and shoot their film, which must be submitted on Sunday, August 11th, Drop-Off Event to qualify. Films submitted even one minute late are disqualified.

    Are you a filmmaker who has what it takes to win the OKC 48 Hour Film Project? Or are you just a movie fan who would like to come check out all the great films made by your fellow Okies? If so, check out the website for information, to register a team, or put your info out there for team leaders to see your skill sets.
    The 48 Hour Film Project: Oklahoma City

    And please, "like" the OKC 48 page on Facebook!

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    Default Re: Oklahoma City 48 Hour Film Project

    If you are interested in participating in any way.... Experienced or Novice Actor, Have a passion to learn to write screen plays, or just want to find out what it is like on a film set....

    Come to the Paramount (701 W. Sheridan) Wednesday, July 3, 7:30-9:00 PM for the OKC 48 Meet & Greet.

    This will be a great networking event for potential cast & crew! Hope to see you there!


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