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    Default Re: Gathering Place for Tulsa will be world-class park

    Phase II of the Gathering Place is getting underway.

    First up is the new facility for Tulsa's children's museum/science center Discovery Lab, which broke ground at the south end of the Gathering Place this week.


    The new low water dam is slated to start construction in July. The new dam will increase the level of the river 3' from the current dam and will include a white water rafting section below the Gathering Place.

    The new pedestrian bridge will start construction at the same time as the dam.

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    Default Re: Gathering Place for Tulsa will be world-class park

    Best thing about this park is the $100 million endowment to fund upkeep & staff. Any wear & tear issues will be fixed, unlike
    Your average city park.

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    Default Re: Gathering Place for Tulsa will be world-class park

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    Default Re: Gathering Place for Tulsa will be world-class park

    Update on the adjacent Zink Dam and pedestrian bridge project:

    The key elements of the Zink Dam reconstruction project include replacing and increasing the number of gates, from three to 15. The gates will range in height from 3 feet to 10 feet. The tallest gates in the existing dam are 7 feet high. A 1,000-foot-long flume for kayaking and other water activities will be built along the east bank of the Arkansas River south of the pedestrian bridge. And Tulsans will finally get a true Zink Lake, with water backing up to well north of the 21st Street Bridge.
    Zachary said he is hopeful that construction can begin in September and be completed in 2023. Work on the new pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River is expected to begin at about the same time and be completed in late 2022.

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