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    According to the Windsor Area Business Group, the Windsor District is launching a new website tomorrow...

    According to the WABG's current facebook page: "WABG is gearing up for a huge firework explosion tomorrow - the LAUNCH of The Windsor District's website and new Facebook page.......Stay Tuned!!!"

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    Default Re: Windsor District

    NW 23rd Streetscape Presentation. The video is very short, so I would recommend pausing at each slide.

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    Their website isn't up yet...but they have a new twitter and facebook page

    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheWindsorDistrict
    twitter: @w_districtokc

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    Streetscape project is officially underway...

    From the Windsor District's Instagram: Instagram

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    If you didn't see....the District's official website is up and running.


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    Here's a shot I took of the NE corner of the 23rd & Meridian intersection this morning. This past week was Week 3 of a rumored 5 working day weeks for this part of the intersection.

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    This sounds like a great new event for this area.

    Oklahoma City's Gold Dome group to host gatherings | News OK

    The Gold Dome Multicultural Society is partnering with Oklahoma City’s International District — The Windsor District — to offer “East Meets West,” a series of five events beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday with a wine and appetizer social mixer at the B&B Theatre Windsor 10, 4623A NW 23.

    The series is designed to raise cultural awareness and support for the Gold Dome Multicultural Society and The Windsor District, also know as The W. It will feature “The Incredible Human Journey,” a five-episode science documentary, written and presented by Alice Roberts, first broadcast in 2009 on BBC television in the United Kingdom.

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    As a relative newcomer to OKC. I find the name "Gold Dome Society" very confusing. Not related to the Gold Dome on 23rd? Why call yourself that?

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    Very much related to the Gold Dome.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisb View Post
    Very much related to the Gold Dome.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ok i feel much better now.

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    Wow, this is my neighborhood and I had no idea it was being 'districted'. I think it's a great thing, and I hope that they're able to pull the corridor together into something that actually feels like a coherent district. One major point of contention is them trying to pass off the nickname "The W" as though that's what they expect all the hip kids to call it. Just call it the Windsor District; "The W" sounds completely stupid and tryhardy. Also, f*ck that website. Really, planners and organizers should consult cynical bastards before making decisions; the resulting product is bound to have more integrity.

    If they make it interesting all the way to Peniel, that could do wonders for my house value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisb View Post
    Very much related to the Gold Dome.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9357265_orig.jpg 
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    How old is that flyer?

    It lists the Gold Dome as their mailing address and clearly, it hasn't been occupied for a while.

    The nonprofit was formed in 2005.

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    Looking at the Gold Dome Multicultural Society's website, it shows Irene Lam as the Chair.

    She was the former owner of the Gold Dome before it went into foreclosure.

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    Looks like they put up one of the Windsor brick section on the corner of I-44 and 23rd street. I sure hope they redo the street from there to Portland soon.

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    Does anyone know what is being built at the northwest corner of 23rd and Meridian? I think there used to be Long John Silver's/A&W that was torn down.

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    Default Re: Windsor District

    Looks like it will be a Wendy's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T. Jamison View Post
    Looks like it will be a Wendy's.
    Thank you. That's disappointing but just because I already have a Wendy's close by.

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    Windsor District marks new era

    By: Molly M. Fleming The Journal Record April 30, 2018

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Barbie Smalley has spent the last several years telling Windsor District business and property owners that the $13.2 million streetscape project would get finished.

    The Windsor District stretches along NW 23rd Street from Interstate 44 to the Bethany city limits, north and south between NW 20th and NW 26th streets, a total area of 3 square miles.

    Traffic ensnared motorists as the sidewalks were built and district markers were installed. That could sometimes mean two-lane roads being narrowed to one lane.

    In 2015, the first marker and planting bed was installed at NW 23rd Street and Meridian Avenue. The street updates finally concluded this year. A ribbon-cutting for the marker at Interstate 44 and NW 23rd Street was held Friday.

    Smalley is the president of the Windsor Area Business Group’s board of directors. She’s been involved in the streetscape project since its inception. She said it was great to see the final marker done.

    “It put the stamp on the district,” she said.

    Now, the district has a front door at I-44 and the new Will Rogers bicycle trail.

    The markers create a new perception, Smalley said. She works full time with the Neighborhood Alliance. With that organization, she teaches how good environmental design can help prevent crime.

    “If it’s a well-maintained area, then the business development will follow suit,” she said. “People will be attracted to that. It’s really affordable still.”

    The Windsor District has been working with the city since 2013. Commercial District Revitalization Program Director Kim Cooper-Hart said in that five-year span, she’s seen several positive changes, such as a new 7-Eleven store constructed at NW 23rd Street and N. MacArthur Boulevard, increased foot traffic at Feria Latina supermarket and Super Mercados Morelos, and the locally based Square Deal Capital buying the Windsor Hills Shopping Center.

    “You can drive down the street and there are not a lot of vacancies,” she said. “Even the cottage-style homes along the street are starting to get businesses in them.”

    Cooper-Hart said the Windsor District is different from its CDRP counterparts because it’s a suburban corridor. It’s important to get the neighborhoods and the businesses to work together. She said the growth of the Windsor District has revitalized the street’s relationship with the Musgrave-Pennington Neighborhood Association. She called the neighborhood a true gem and one that’s seen a new wave of homeowners.

    Square Deal Capital Asset Manager Andy Ridley said the company has also seen a lot of momentum in the Windsor Hills Shopping Center, at NW 23rd and Meridian Avenue. The center has a new national tenant, Shoe Show, with more national tenants likely to soon complement the tenant mix. The center measures 194,000 square feet and Ridley said it will fill quickly.

    “We’re looking at some existing tenants that want to expand,” he said. “We have several that are signing lease renewals for longer terms and higher rents.”

    Ridley said the markers have helped spur Square Deal’s interest in getting more involved in the district. The company allows the board to host its annual Holidays Around the World event at the center. He said there are other updates planned for the center as well.

    But Square Deal doesn’t have plans to sell the center anytime soon. That’s not their typical business model, he said.

    “We buy and hold, though there are exceptions,” he said. “For us, it’s important to fill the space with providers who will supply that demographic with what they need. We’re not looking for a quick fill-up. We want the right mix of tenants who can help maintain the long-term success of the Windsor area.”

    The board of directors is trying to hire someone who can oversee the area’s growth, at least on a part-time basis. There are already recurring events in the district that are helping to spur more neighborhood interaction.

    “It’s a very active area,” Smalley said. “The streetscape’s been a huge catalyst. But the work will continue to build more and more of a sense of community.”

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    Default Re: Windsor District

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Somewhat recently placed district entry sign is already very damaged. Sorry not a particularly great pic was on the bus.

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