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Thread: Edmond Trails

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    Any update on the trail underpass at I-35 and Integris trailhead? I've been on it last month and it seems like the west side of the underpass is just vegetation.
    And who is handling trailhead signage? City of Edmond? Parks and Rec? The Integris trailhead desperately needs signage.

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    I noticed some heavy equipment on the west side of the I-35 service road just north of BWW over the weekend. It seems like they're smoothing things out to finally connect the trail up to Fox Lake Lane.

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    October Edmond city manager report claims they are just waiting on some elevation issues and then can resume work on this I35 underpass. They anticipate it is all done with the Fox lane section by Spring 2020.

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    Any updates on the trails surrounding Arcadia Lake? Driving down 2nd street I can see from the road that what looks like new sections of trails on the north side of the lake have been completed but I don't know if they're open to bikes yet or not. And the city of Edmond website is no help at all. The info there is dated and appears to be from 2017. I've looked online but haven't found any new or up-to-date info on the trails.


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    Hey Traxx, FYI, they have a project tracker that is updated once a month. Upon grabbing this link I discovered something I haven’t seen yet which is an interactive map so that must be new. Anyways here is the link:


    To answer your question I do believe that will be tied into future extensions of the trail. Not sure what the status of the other segments are but the one being built near 2nd is an OkDOT project, oddly enough. I think Edmond is focusing on a new trail from Fox Lake following Spring Creek to Coltrane.

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    You can also watch the City Manager's monthly report on YouTube. This month's report showed some drone video of the new trail section along 2nd street.


    Interestingly, the trail is an ODOT project, but was mostly funded by the City.

    I haven't been able to find out anything about the last two miles of the Spring Creek Trail from I-35 to Hafer. I wonder if it will ever get built, especially through Fox Lake. With the trail behind WalMart now connected and the sidewalk improvements going on down 15th, I wonder if that will be the route instead. If so, that's too bad.

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    Good information. Thanks.

    It would be great if they would put in more complete sidewalks/paths in the area. As it is now, it's kind of hit and miss and disjointed. If you live in Fox Lake, that's great for you. You can get to the trails very easily. But if you're coming from one of the surrounding neighborhoods, there's no safe way to get to the trails. I know there are signs saying share the road but when you're riding your bike down 2nd street, it doesn't feel safe at all.

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    They need to redo second street. It needs to be widened to six lanes and protected bike lanes where possible.

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    This weekend, rode from downtown OKC up to Walmart on 15th, rode the trail behind it and then Spring Creek. VERY nice trail, highly recommend. Looking forward to if they ever get a lake loop done or if they connect it to central Edmond.


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