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    Default Re: Highway 69/75 working to become interstate

    I agree with the safety aspect. Back in February 2015, my sister and her husband, along with 3 of their grandchildren were on their way back from the Ft Worth , headed to the Eufaula area in their mini van when they stopped at one of the lights on hwy 69 in Calera and were rearended by an F-250. Impact speed was around 65mph. One look at the remains of their van and it's a wonder anyone survived let alone all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KayneMo View Post
    US 75 in planning phase to become six lanes from Collin County to the Red River. Any significant work on US 75 isn't anticipated to start until 2019.

    Today's Grayson County leaders discuss future growth of US 75
    It's already started. They're expanding for miles currently north of McKinney for a ways north. I don't remember just how far but it's a large project.

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    Default Re: Highway 69/75 working to become interstate

    ^ Yes, but the story was only referring to the portion of 75 within Grayson County.

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