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    Default Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently in the market to buy my first place. After giving it some thought, I believe a condo or townhouse is best for my lifestyle at this current point (26, no wife or kids, just a beagle, travel frequently and a somewhat demanding job). I would prefer a place in or near downtown, but the search has been tough. So I would like to start thinking of a plan B.

    It seems like they're quite a few condos near and just north of Penn Square. I could see myself in this area. The problem is I've heard a lot of these places, especially off of 63rd, are just glorified nursing homes (after all they say condo living is for the newly wed and nearly dead!). I would like to live in a place with at least a balance of the 2.

    There also seems to be a lot of condos around Lake Hefner. And while I think I would enjoy that area, I'm not sure if I want to I want to move that far out since I've now become a full throttled urban snob lol.

    Anyone have any suggestions. I'm sorta new to this real estate thing and have been less than impressed by some of the realtor BS I've been getting. I'm sure I can get some good tips on here.

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    What is your budget?

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    When I was looking in downtown, I was thinking I could go all the way up to 200K just because I would save so much in utilities and commuting costs.

    If I move to a more suburban area I would likely cap it at 150K-175K.

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    If you could bump up your range a bit, Founders Tower might have something on the lower levels.

    Harvey Lofts

    Hunters Green (63rd & Villa)

    Copper Chase

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    Thanks Pete. I'm actually pretty interested in Hunters Green.

    What is everyone's opinion of the Waterford? I know most units run 200K or up, but every now and again I see one for pretty cheap.

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    Waterford is definitely an older crowd, but so is Hunters Green.

    Copper Chase is very, very nice for the money. Location isn't fantastic but not terrible either.

    The Hemingway is a nice little complex although there are no attached garages -- just carports. But cheaper than any of the other places we have discussed.

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    adaniel - why not start by hiring a realtor? You can drive a few properties and see which names are prevalent, pick one, and then give them a range of what you're looking for. Size, price, location, age, one level or townhouse or mid/highrise. Then look at comps to see sales & prices (you can even do that on the Assessor's Web site). The parking lots will tell you a lot about the residents.

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    OKC properties always look so dated. People here need to watch more DIY Network.

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    Default Re: Condos in OKC Outside of Downtown

    depending on how big you are looking for you could move into a midtown condo right now ..

    1209 N Harvey, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 :: The Professionals Real Estate Group

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