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Thread: Firehouse Subs

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    Default Firehouse Subs

    Firehouse Subs soon opening in Norman and Stillwater, if not already. Is it any better than Subway?

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    Are they opened yet. I saw the one being built in Norman back during football season and I thought it should have been opened by now.

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    they were still doing work on it this morning when i went by... the brickwork has seemed to take forever

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    I can't believe that. I remember seeing something about it and it was supposed to open in January I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuplar View Post
    I can't believe that. I remember seeing something about it and it was supposed to open in January I think.
    i saw something similar and couldn't remember if it was January or first part of February, reguardless... they are behind schedule

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    Yeah it was originally on Firehouses website. Now it just says opening soon.

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    Bunty, to answer your original question, yes, I think Firehouse subs taste better than Subway. Maybe not as "healthy", I don't know that for a fact. I like Subway, but I actually crave Firehouse. And that is if this is the same Firehouse chain from AL.

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    Plus you can buy their old pickle buckets.

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    Firehouse subs are awesome! If you like man food. The menu was designed by fire fighters, hence the name. One of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten, and for sure the best chain sandwich out there. If you're a tofu or veggie delight kinda man, you'll be highly disappointed.

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    Never had one. Son in Mobile swears by this group, and he's not pick on food he doesn't prepare himself. I figure it's gotta be decent for him to give it a nod.

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