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Thread: Report Bait & Switch??

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    I am so mad! Drove to Fowler Dodge on 240-Santa Fe from North Edmond today after two phone calls on a truck. Called 25 minutes before arrival... got the old bait and switch, truck is sold but here is one for 10K more than advertised!! I'm so pissed off. How can I report this - isn't there a 5 on your Side on the news or something? Could they not at least have given us a gas card to compensate us for the drive and taking time off work? Talked to the manager, got no results, a small "so sorry" and that was it! I will never and I repeat Never buy a vehicle from Fowler- and in my lifetime I imagine I could have spent a pretty penny on vehicles. It was such an obvious scam.. I had the vin number - I should have asked for the sales receipt that they said they 'just sold'. I know they didn't have the truck.
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    You've taken the first step: putting the word out on a well read citywide forum. Because car dealers are such heavy advertisers in every medium, their antics are rarely reported. But that is changing, thanks to the internet. Since Todd seems intent on coming up with new categories (it irks me personally, but who am I to complain?), I'd suggest he establish a forum for car dealership complaints. The more I think about it, that's the sort of web page I'd pay to access if it had a good selection of reviews and information.

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    Having a degree in broadcasting, which includes advertising, I will say something as "devils advocate."

    There IS the possibility that Fowler told the truth. Chances are the spot was taped, so it was repeated. Plus, maybe someone went in to the dealership and bought it. The trip from Edmond would give someone the time to do that. Even with 25 minutes ahead this could happen. They could have had cash in hand or finance already arrainged. Or, they could have been at the dealership and just happened to like that truck.

    You said "just like it." How identical was the higher priced truck? Equipped with everything the other had? Was the advertised truck a demostrator (now known as a "program" truck), thus haveing more milage than most new vehicles?

    I grant, it could be "bait and switch," however, bait and switch is a federal offense and someone like Fowler has much to much to lose if it was. Most accusations of bait and switch are simpally someone beating you to the punch. Did the disclosure statement say "one at this price," or have the dealer stock number on it. I bet it did. However, most people do not read them.

    Yes, Karrie, there is KOCO's "5 on your side," plus KFOR has Brad Edwards' "In your corner." If you call, my guess is the reporters will find one or all of the things I said occured.

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    It wasn't a broadcast issue nor an advertisment on TV. It was an Internet Ad which they had advertised many trucks in this price range. We called twice before driving down and spoke to the Internet Manager 25 minutes prior and he said it was there physically sitting on the lot. When we arrived they acted surprised and couldn't find any of the trucks advertised in this price range. They said that they have an independent company who comes out and takes photos and put them online so they can't always control what is on the Internet ( Auto Trader) I find this a deplorable excuse and practice. The Used Car sales manager was rude and unapologetic. The Internet Manager used the above excuse and the poor Salesman didn't know what to say except we should have a meeting so this doesn't happen anymore.
    I don't really care what other options the 'other' truck had, just suffice it to say, we were told a truck was there when it wasn't. Wasted our time and gas money - no more Fowler Dodge for me.
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    I wonder why this is on the front page of Fowler Dodge Webpage where I was directed to their specials -none of which were at the lot when we arrived - they never offered to find us another vehicle for the same price and this was even after they knew we were upset about our wasted trip and very disappointed because it was exactly what we were looking for and they had just told us it was on the lot! :

    Expires 12/31/2005
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    The reply I made was based on the post. Except for the way the salesperson apparantly acted, my reaction would have been the same execpt for the internet ad, had I known it was an internet ad. Still does not appear to be bait and switch.

    I have had a lot of people say they were pleased with Fowler, so I suspect it was just a hungry salesperson and not indiginous of the dealserships practices.

    I would call the GM and insist to speak to him or her.

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    Karried, go to Jackie Cooper BMW in Edmond and speak to Kim Arnn. Buy yourself a Beemer!

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    MrAnderson, I talked to the Manager of the Department and he was rude and could care less.

    I'm curious - maybe I have the terminology incorrect -how would you describe Bait and Switch? I worked in retail for 13 years, if we even left a sign on a shelf one day past the ad - we honored the price it said or we would be in hot water legally.... we gave rainchecks for advertised items if we ran out. I know the auto industry is different but some regulations need to be enforced.

    Perhaps I'm not describing it correctly? This is what happened yesterday: They advertise a vehicle (Bait) and when a consumer comes in to buy it ( within 25 minutes after calling to check and see if it was still available -mind you) the auto coincidentally is Sold, however, 'look at this fine model only 10K more'! (Switch)

    Not only that, there are nine (9) trucks advertised on the webpage (under 15K) that are all missing in action when we got to the lot. There are no disclaimers like you mentioned. The web manager is saying that he hasn't had time to clean up the trucks that have sold online - I say make time. That's false advertising. They have many excuses, lack of communication between the company, between the people answering the phones on and on... blah, blah - they didn't even care to try to make it right.

    I'm not saying that Fowler doesn't have satisfied customers somewhere and perhaps that has been something people have shared with you, but I'm not one and I'm sharing my experience in the hopes that someone else is aware of this practice and doesn't waste a trip and experience the disappointment.

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    Here is a link that defines it.


  10. Default Re: Report Bait & Switch??

    Guides Against Bait Advertising

    16 CFR PART 238

    Sec. 238.0 Bait advertising defined.1

    Bait advertising is an alluring but insincere offer to sell a product or service which the advertiser in truth does not intend or want to sell. Its purpose is to switch consumers from buying the advertised merchandise, in order to sell something else, usually at a higher price or on a basis more advantageous to the advertiser. The primary aim of a bait advertisement is to obtain leads as to persons interested in buying merchandise of the type so advertised.

    (How insincere is it when the company doesn't have even one of over 10 advertised vehicles for sale on the lot ?? How insincere is it when the truck offered is way below Blue Book with low miles? and no where to be found?)

    I think this describes it to a tee - thanks for the link
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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