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Thread: KSU Rolls On

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    Default KSU Rolls On

    Kansas State is embarrassing Texas Tech right now 55-17. KSU is heading for the BCS National Championship Game and Collin Klein is close to running away with the Heisman.

    KSU-Alabama anybody? What a great game!

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    They are doing great, but they'll need Oregon to lose I fear. Of course they have to make it out undefeated as well which isn't a guarantee at this point.

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    Looks like Florida is going down as well, Georgia 17-9 with 1:28 left.

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    They are done.

    USC is also going down (again) it appears unless they rally.

    Edit: Which appears they are now.

    Edit 2: Okay...now USC is down.

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    Im enjoying our 36 unanswered points now cause we fixing to get a hurt put on us next week in Manhattan!

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