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    Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) has had better weeks. With the polls increasingly showing him trailing Elizabeth Warren (D), the Republican created some new trouble for himself when he falsely accused victims of asbestos-related illnesses of being paid actors.

    But this piece, published by the conservative Boston Herald, is arguably the most damaging of all.

    A group with the startling moniker "Obama Supporters for Brown" showed up in Dudley Square yesterday -- and were hit with an apparent racist slur from a group of Warren backers -- while organizers acknowledged they were paying modest "per diems" to homeless people and others to wear the T-shirts in an area where civic leaders have come out strong for Elizabeth Warren.

    It stands to reason that Brown would want to tell voters that some President Obama supporters back him, too. After all, he's in Massachusetts, where the president is quite popular, and Mitt Romney is not. It also stands to reason that Brown would like people to believe his supporters are racially and ethnically diverse.

    But the Republican senator's campaign is supposed to earn support based on merit. Instead, homeless people are, according to the article, receiving a per diem, "meant to cover transportation, child care and other costs, 'works out to' roughly $8 an hour."

    In fairness, I should note that some of the so-called "Obama Supporters for Brown" activists are not homeless, but all of them are receiving compensation in exchange for "volunteering."

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    Would likely be a big win for us consumers if Warren wins this one

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    This is news? Obama was paying $11 an hour a couple of weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackmoreRulz View Post
    This is news? Obama was paying $11 an hour a couple of weeks ago.
    Aha, so that's how unemployment dropped to 7.8%.

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    Scott Brown is going to lose.

    Hooray for fellow Oklahoman Elizabeth Warren! She will make a fantastic senator.

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    At minimum whether you agree or disagree with her politics, it is awesome to have a person from Oklahoma being seen as and "intellectual" on the national stage. Too often that is not the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soonerliberal View Post
    At minimum whether you agree or disagree with her politics, it is awesome to have a person from Oklahoma being seen as and "intellectual" on the national stage. Too often that is not the case.
    ... an individual with veracity problems about her ethnic background.

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    She didn't build that Family Tree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stick47 View Post
    She didn't build that Family Tree!
    Warren's great-great-great grandmother on her mother's side was Cherokee, making Warren—provided the genealogist didn't miss anything—1/32 Native American if her great-great-great grandmother was full-blooded (that's unclear). Warren has said that both of her mother's parents had American Indian blood, in which case the fraction would obviously be a little bit bigger. (It's plausible that some of Warren's relatives would have masked their Cherokee heritage, given the legally prescribed second-class citizenship bestowed upon American Indians for much of the 20th century.) Per newspaper clippings released by her campaign, other members of Warren's family, including a first cousin, have embraced their Cherokee roots and are active in American Indian causes in Oklahoma, where she grew up.

    Elizabeth Warren Is Part Native American | Mother Jones

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    Yeah... I don't get the Native American foolishness. It has clearly been a failed distraction in the race considering how well she is doing.

    Most Americans see her as an intellectual rather than a fraud - that is GOOD for Oklahoma regardless of her political persuasion.

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    I will say if she wins and eventually gets bought out by lobbyists like the rest of em I will completely give up on politicians

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    In a neighboring state, Connecticut, Mrs. WWE, McMahon was getting slaughtered by her liberal opponent.
    I told her how she could turn her campaign around and WIN but did she listen to me?
    Er, No, and I guess, maybe I'm glad she didn't take my advice. Anyway, here it is as it was:

    Check out the cartoon. The article is below: Linda McMahon if Silliman ran Campaign

    Silliman on Sports
    By Stan Silliman

    Linda McMahon: If Silliman Ran Her Senatorial Campaign

    If I ran Linda McMahon's race for Connecticut Senator, things would be different.
    First off, I doubt she'd hire a Democrat to run her campaign, even though I consider her a Rino. But, saying she had a change of heart, we'll go drastic on the changes. Here are a few:

    1. Pound Home the Self-Financed, Beholden to No One Angle

    You're spending $50 million of your own money, earned by being a smart business person! You're not taking donations. You owe no one any favors. Ride with that!

    Instead, you're low-keying your wealth. You're making it seem like you are ashamed of how you acquired all your bucks. You've been slow to mention the WWE. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think your advisers have told you it's un-senator like to oversee a man's soap opera where steroid-buffed actors perform in Speedos.

    2. Embrace the Businesswoman You Are As a Plus

    You can't go around calling former Connecticut Attorney General Dick Blumenthal a liar, discrediting his Vietnam war service record and then pull your own YouTube videos off the net. Sure, the videos showed you cussing and screaming and acting like an ass, but that was the source of your millions. If you're to scream "liar" you've got to expose everything, no matter how un-Senator-like it is, warts and all.

    You need to lay it all out and not only embrace the source of your capital with pride, the WWE, but the old WWF as well. If you want to slam a folding chair into the former Attorney General, you need to show you can. Even if you look like a bully, invoke the old Linda.

    3. Stay Away From Discussions About the Poor

    Can it with talking about minimum wage. This is not your area. You're a rich lady who worked hard and you employ contractors. You don't pay workers comp, health care, and all the niceties small business people must contend with, and be proud you don't. You're beating the system. You're the Wal-Mart of the violent skimpy clothed entertainment industry. Don't run from that.

    4. Use the WWE Guys and Gals in Your Campaign

    Did it hurt Jesse Ventura? No! Splash these guys all over the screen, leotards and all. John Cena? Everyone likes looking at John Cena—women, gay guys, straight guys. Just have him smile at the camera and say a few nice things about you.

    Triple H, Rey Mysterio, the Undertaker—how do you use these guys? Simple. On the recorded messages sent to the voters, let these guys do it. Short scripts, gruff wrestler voices, always end with the same eight words: "Vote for Linda. We know where you live!"

    Now for the piece de resistance, Stacy Keibler's ass. Use it! Embrace it! You want to win this campaign, use what brought ya. Every guy in Hartford will look at a billboard saying "Vote for Linda McMahon" with Stacy Keibler pointing to the words with her ass, front and center.

    Here's a plan: Bus voters to the polls. Bus 'em to early voting. Use part of your $50 million budget for buses, driven by the divas. Well, not so much driven as occupied. Rosa Mendes can talk about your military plans in her special camouflage bikini. What voter wouldn't want to be on that bus?

    Michelle McCool can waltz up and down the aisle in the Cool bus. Make that the Cool "Vote for Linda" bus. Michelle can address women's issues and how you're pro-choice and whatever.

    5. Make Blumenthal Look Petty For Attacking Your Enterprise

    When he says that WWE doll toys are made overseas, don't bite. Sure, you buy your dolls from Mattel, who then make them wherever they please. But don't say that. Blumenthal is trying to say you're shipping jobs overseas.

    Don't bite. Just tell him Americans have better things to do than make plastic dolls. You're supporting Mattel, which employs lots of Americans and lots of retailers who sell your stuff. And, most of all, keep saying this: "It's Un-American to tell Americans who and where they should buy from." Remember, you're the Wal-Mart of the violent skimpy-clothed entertainment industry.

    6. In a Debate, Hit Blumenthal Where He Lives

    He's going to come at you for your enterprise. He's going to say you're gauche and unworthy of office. Dish it right back. Call him a CAREER POLITICIAN and a LAWYER! Not just any lawyer but a sue-happy one. Just say he's sue-happy and even sues football conferences.

    Pound it home. He's for inserting politics into SPORTS. Tell the voters, you're gung-ho for SPORTS, and he wants to politicize them.

    Then say, "If you want to keep politicians away from SPORTS, vote for a Sportswoman, the Wal-Mart of the violent skimpy-clothed entertainment industry.

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