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Thread: Bricktown Dungeon Employment

  1. Default Bricktown Dungeon Employment

    Hello everyone, please pass this on.

    The "Dungeon Haunted Ride in 3D" attraction is looking to fill several part time/full time positions. The Dungeon is located in Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK and is right off the canal.
    The Dungeon will be in operation starting July 1st (thru Monday July 4th) and operate Thursdays thru Sundays there after for the summer season.
    The ride will open again in October with an extreme scare ride (with actors) then converted in November for a 3D Christmas ride for the month of December. Next spring (March) the Dungeon will reopen as a 3D Haunt ride again and repeat the cycle. Each season has animatronics, sound and special effects themed accordingly thru out the ride.
    Hours of operation is scheduled for 2:00pm thru 10:00pm with the possibility of staying open later on weekends. Employees will be required to show up one hour prior to opening each scheduled day and stay until close.
    Positions available are:
    Ride manager
    2 ride hosts/operators (one to load cars & one to unload cars)
    Mechanic/Observer to monitor the ride during operation.
    Certified Public Accountant
    The number of positions will increase as October approaches and as this attraction settles in with steady attendance year round.
    All employees will be expected to be energetic and promote positive attitudes, display themselves in a professional manner, and work as a team.
    This is a professional set-up and is in need of professional people.
    Pay will be discussed at interviews.
    Talk about a fun job to have, this one will be one you’ll remember for a long time.
    If you are interested in working a one-of-a-kind job and have lots of fun doing it, please send me a private message thru OKCTALK or email me at Frightnight@cox.net

    Thank you, The Dungeon Master

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    Hello Everyone,

    Just to let you know this employment post was moved to this page where it is more appropriate.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

    Thanks, Dungeon Master

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    Hello everyone,
    Last chance to get in on fun and exciting work before the public is notified.
    The Sunday paper will post the job opportunities for the Dungeon.
    If interested, e-mail me or call 228-0055 and leave your information.
    I know there are some talented workers out there ready to put their skills to work and have fun doing it. Hope to see you there.
    Thanks, Dungeon Master

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