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    Steve brought this up in his blog.


    What a great, fun thing for downtown. It will really liven things up on the deadest night of the week.

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    Events like this will always draw people. I'm glad to see it get going, and I'd love to see it expand and grow into a regular league that constantly brings people downtown.

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    To save others the click:

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    This is great, it would be cool if they could get Thunder players to host tournament, it would draw in a bigger audience and support. And they don't have to be big name players like KD, Westbrook, or Harden....They could have players like Maynor, Collison, or Cook.

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    In clarification it's, The Cage.

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    photos from the facebook page

    Going by the official announcement graphic, tomorrow (Sep. 23) should be the last day. However at this site, The Cage Downtown Basketball League - Eventbrite, it shows that teams can still register for a Sep. 30 date, which would indicate it will last at least one more week.

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    LOVE this! Those photos ALMOST remind me of the urban courts in Lower Manhattan and elsewhere. There are always games being played on those courts. Really hope this catches on in Downtown OKC.

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    I see people playing on the court almost every time I go by. Clearly it was a great idea and needs to be moved when the current site is developed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    To save others the click:

    At first I thought it said "suck athletics" in the bottom left corner. Dang old eyes,

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