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    Default Lincoln Development Update

    I suppose I should live up to my moniker and talk about the other substantial metro area in the state. Lincoln is seeing unprecedented construction in recent memory. Claims of more new construction and proposed projects in the last two years than in the entirety of the previous 20. I will start out with the big one then end with a Memorial Stadium expansion if any Sooner or Cowboy fans are interested.

    Pinnacle Bank Arena 16,000 seat arena being built by the city, UNL basketball will play there. The city hopes to draw concerts and events as well.

    Recently completed "Parkhaus" retail/parking garage/apartments. Going to be all students, I will probably end up on the 8th floor deck a few times this year. A cousin and a few friends moving in.

    Haymarket Hotel

    Innovation Campus. The State Fair left the capitol for a more central location leaving a large swath of land near UNL. The billion dollar plan is really ambitious to be done in phases the first of which starting in the fall. Public/private with heavy with research and office space with a bit of retail worked in.

    Master plan

    Phase 1

    The Yard, mixed-use set for right outside the new arena's front door.

    Proposed Haymarket Hotel

    East Campus development. Right across the street from UNL East.

    Antelope Valley project. Flood control with massive parks and trail system on downtown's east edge.

    With new office construction.

    And for all the football fans. Memorial Stadium expansion. Will add 6,000 seats and more suites. Will put the average attendance over 90,000 per game.


    Current state

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update


    Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    I thought this was about Lincoln Boulevard! Well, I've spent a fair amount of time in Lincoln, as I had family there in the past. It's a nice little city. But I wouldn't want to live there.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    I dunno if that's necessary betts, but I think this development is fantastic for a city of 200,000. Hey UN, tell us more about the Haymarket Arena's rail integration

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    City is on the hook for moving the lines and the cleanup of the dirt. This was really the only spot to put the arena near their best entertainment district.

    Although they did open a new Amtrak Station with the move and a whole 9 people enjoyed the first unreliable once a day late night departure out of the station.

    8 years ago when they were deciding between widening I-80 between Lincoln and Omaha or creating reliable rail connections the cars won out. And now that Omaha to Chicago HSR is looking like a real possibility Lincoln is making whispers of an Lin-Oma line again. Not holding my breath.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Now that's some linsanity

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Finished Memorial Stadium Expansion

    Pinnacle Bank Arena. New home of Husker basketball. Also hosted the likes of Pink, Michael Buble and The Eagles with Jay-Z, John Mayer and Elton John to perform in the next few weeks. A couple big names for a metro of 300K.

    The Rail Yard. Mixed use development with apartments, condos, retail, a 500 person concert venue and a Hyatt Place hotel. Features a large video screen and also is Nebraska's first open air district that you can carry drinks from bar to bar in a central area. Directly at the front door of the arena.

    5 story apartment building recently announced.

    A new Marriott Courtyard and Hilton Garden Inn

    Lincoln also opened their first Whole Foods and Trader Joe's recently.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Looks wonderful. I've always had a soft spot for Lincoln. REALLY wish NU had not left the Big XII though.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    I dunno if that's necessary betts, but I think this development is fantastic for a city of 200,000. Hey UN, tell us more about the Haymarket Arena's rail integration
    But it's population is 265,000 and growing almost as fast as OKC.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Wow I went to middle school in Lincoln, how times have changed.

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Looks neat, but am I the only one that thinks that BOK Center and the Peake had a baby and it was that arena?

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    Default Re: Lincoln Development Update

    Some really great projects coming for Lincoln.

    This will be the tallest building built in the city for decades. Supposed to be the 3rd tallest overall once completed. Includes about 60 condos and two hotels.

    This one was just announced. 10 floors, $90 million for 245 apartments, office space, parking and retail.

    Another boutique hotel that will blend the new structure with the old one next door.

    This isn't downtown, but it is by UNL's second campus. It will replace a currently vacant grocery store with 145 apartment units and retail.

    This building will go just adjacent to the Haymarket and includes apartments and a grocery store, the first for DTL.

    Hudl is a major Lincoln success story. Tech startup that is now used by virtually every high school and college athletic program in the country and moving internationally. It was founded in Lincoln and is putting down roots in a new headquarter building right in the middle of the Haymarket.

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