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Thread: Toby Keith's

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    Patrick Guest

    Bricktown3 Toby Keith's


    Address: 310 Johnny Bench Dr.
    Phone: (405) 231-0254
    Development: Lower Bricktown
    Status: Opened 2005
    Official Website
    Urban Spoon

    Information & Latest News


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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith venue locating to Bricktown

    Here's the article:

    Toby Keith eyes Bricktown site

    By Steve Lackmeyer
    The Oklahoman

    Toby Keith is coming to Bricktown - and he may bring some friends.
    Restaurateur Hal Smith and developer Randy Hogan confirmed Tuesday they have completed a sale of property along the Bricktown Canal that will allow for construction of a 12,000-square-foot restaurant and music hall to be christened “Toby Keith’s Road House.”

    Because the attraction will be along Interstate 40, Smith said he and Keith expect it will be a frequent performance stop for musicians traveling between Nashville, Tenn., and Los Angeles.

    “This particular site, I-35 and I-40, is where America meets,” Smith said. “You couldn’t ask for a better crossroads. And the visibility from the interstate is phenomenal.”

    Smith and his partners paid Hogan $1.5 million for the property, which the developer bought from the city last year after years of negotiations. Smith said discussions about the project began about a year ago with the Oklahoma-based national recording artist and Hunter Miller, son-in-law of former Sooners coach Barry Switzer.

    “Toby is very proud to be from Oklahoma,” Smith said. “And he really loves a good steak. Part of our discussion was to build a steak house Oklahoma could be really proud of. His thoughts are for it to be a fun place that appeals to people of Oklahoma and those in surrounding states.”

    Smith wants construction to start later this year, with an opening by next summer. The $4.5 million restaurant, once complete, will employ about 120 people.

    While designs aren’t complete, Smith said the exterior probably will include native stone similar to that found along the south segment of the canal, but also will match surrounding Bricktown architecture.

    An outdoor patio, shaped like a guitar, will overlook the waterway across from the Sonic headquarters. Smith hopes outdoor fire pits will keep patio diners warm on chilly nights.

    Visitors also will be treated to a display of memorabilia representing not only Keith’s career, but also the accomplishments of other native Oklahoma performers and song writers, Smith said.

    Early on, the partners considered sites along the Interstate 40 and Meridian hotel corridor and near Interstate 240 and Shields Boulevard. They began to look at the Bricktown site after construction had started on the nearby Bass Pro Shops but before announcement of the adjoining 16-screen Harkins Theatres.

    “The more we looked at it, and this particular site, I-35 and I-40 is where America meets,” Smith said. “You couldn’t ask for a better crossroads. And the visibility from the interstate is phenomenal.”

    Chad Huntington, operator of the Bricktown Water Taxis, said speculation about the project has been rampant since Hogan first confirmed to The Oklahoman that he was negotiating a deal with a then unidentified recording artist.

    “This will be tremendous,” Huntington said. “The people who are already coming in, thanks to Bass Pro Shops and other new developments, will really appreciate a venue like this. Obviously, Toby Keith has a national presence and is going to attract the attention of a lot of people from outside Oklahoma City.”

    Dave Lopez, president of Downtown Oklahoma City Inc., said Bricktown already is a tourist destination - but the Keith project takes the city to a new level of prominence.

    “It puts us on a national map, certainly in the music industry,” Lopez said.

    With Tuesday’s announcement, only three building sites remain undeveloped in the newly christened “Lower Bricktown.” Hogan said talks are under way with three different groups for a building site northwest of the theater. He expects heightened interest in the site immediately east of Toby Keith’s Roadhouse.

    Hogan also thinks the combination of Toby Keith and one of Oklahoma City’s top restaurant operators will prevent the project from going the way of unsuccessful theme restaurants that were popular in the late 1990s.

    “The entertainment feature of our project has always been important,” Hogan said. “This just adds to the mix. The Bass Pro Shops has its form of shopping and entertainment. Harkins is all about entertainment. Now we’re bringing live music to the project. It’s a combination that will be unbeatable.”

  3. Default Re: Toby Keith venue locating to Bricktown

    Yes, the details look good for Roadhouse. Even better are the potential performers who'll come through Lower Bricktown. Out of the other performers you mentioned, Vince Gill and Amy Grant have been the most involved in OKC. I actually hope that if upper market single-family housing lands on the river, they should get a spot. Anyway, what I would like to see from them, in Bricktown or in the Arts District, is a recording studio. But another music hall would be divine, too, as Amy could make it a gospel venue.
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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith venue locating to Bricktown

    Either way, I think a music venue from either Gill or Grant would be awesome. And them having a recording studio in the Arts District would only had to the diversity of the type of art that's there.

    But, Amy Grant and Vince Gill both have high dollar venues and studios in Nashville, so not sure if they'd want to move here or not. Maybe when they get older, they could retire here and open up a theater here. That's pretty much what's happened in Branson with other artists.

    If they built a house here, it would definitely have to be huge, because the one they have now is larger than any house in Gaillardia!

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Design for Toby Keith venue

    Well, the designs have been released for the new Toby Keith venue, next to the theater, on the Bricktown canal.

    Also, you'll notice that discussions are underway to build either a highrise hotel or residential tower. Personally I hope they go with the hotel. We still need hotel space downtown, and I'd reserve canal space for tourists. Residential complexes can be built in surrounding areas, like in the Redhawks lot. But wait, Hogan mentions at th eend of the article that the residential development might be a mix of hotel space and residential space. That might be nice.

    Anyways, the Toby Keith venue sounds interesting. Sounds very similar to the Grand Palace in Branson, which has many different stars come through. I think this will be a great addition to Bricktown. And I'm glad to see that the building, while not having two stories, will appear that way on the exterior to match the other buildings.

    "Designs unveiled for Toby Keith's
    By Steve Lackmeyer
    Staff Writer

    Design work is complete and construction could begin next month on a $3.5 million Toby Keith's Roadhouse.

    Randy Hogan, developer of "Lower Bricktown," also confirmed Wednesday discussions are under way on whether to build a midrise hotel or residential tower along the Bricktown Canal.

    Designs for the Toby Keith venue were unveiled to the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority, which is overseeing development of "Lower Bricktown" -- a commercial complex being built south of Reno Avenue along the canal.

    Dave Zimmer, project manager for the Toby Keith venue, said the one-story building will be built with a two-story facade and will seat up to 600. The restaurant and music hall is being built by country music star Toby Keith and the Hal Smith Group, which owns and operates 68 restaurants, including Charleston's, Boomerang Grill and the Red Rock Canyon Grill.

    The restaurant and music hall is scheduled to open by April.

    Zimmer said the entertainment side of the operation will be overseen by Keith's booking agents, who will try to schedule music acts at least five days a week.

    "You're going to have acts stopping by that are just passing through now," Zimmer said. "It's going to be a lot of fun."

    Hogan predicted the restaurant and music hall will be a tourist destination, hopefully, he said, "similar to a miniature Austin City Limits."

    Hogan said the neighboring 16-screen Harkins Theater is still scheduled to open Oct. 1. An elaborate fountain and plaza, meanwhile, will be dedicated Friday.

    Other tenants scheduled to open over the next couple of months include an Earl's Rib Palace, a Nothing But Noodles, a sit-down Sonic restaurant and a Marble Slab Creamery.

    Construction is to begin in April on a $35 million, 235-room Embassy Suites to be built between the Bass Pro Shops and the Sonic Restaurants corporate headquarters.

    Hogan said he is developing "concepts" for a multistory hotel or residential tower that would be built southwest of the canal's Reno Avenue bridge.

    "We're looking at two types of hotel products, and one potential combination of residential and hotel," Hogan said.

    "We want to make sure what's left is a perfect fit into this mix."

  6. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    I hope it is a mix. Bricktown needs much much more hotel space for the upcoming tournaments...but I can't imagine passing up a chance for residential. Even though there is already tons of new residential planned and being proposed, I don't think the city should pass down the opportunity for any of it.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    By the way, does anyone know of a great example of a building with mix hotel/residential space??? I've never seen one before. I know they exist though.

  8. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    One of the neighboring apartment buildings close to mine is actually the core of a complex that includes a commercial arcade, streetfront businesses, a small office building (which includes the local CBS affiliate), a garage and an Embassy Suites:

    The Reserve Square complex:

    The tower on the right hosts the Embassy Suites. The streefront businesses are just below the Suites. The curved corner just above it hosts the TV station. The arcade is underneath the pool you see. The apartments are on the other tower. The pool, the park, and the tennis courts are for Reserve Square residents only.

    This is the west entryway:

    True to function, the Embassy Suites-signed entryway in the middle is the one to the hotel. The entryway on the left (with the gold double doors) takes you to the commercial arcade, whose tenants nicely serve the apartment residents and hotel guests. From the arcade, you can enter the apartment building.The arcade features a concierge, grocery store (where I get my groceries), dry cleaning, coffeeshop, bar, florist, and a stock brokerage firm. Instead of the firm, the complex would have been better served with a commercial bank branch. The arcade:

    Of course we don't have the space in Lower Bricktown to accommodate two towers separated with such distance, but if you stack one use on top of another with a common streetlevel arcade, you would have nice mixed-use community for Bricktown.
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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    That's cool floater! Man, I need to make a trip to Cleveland sometime soon. If and when I do, I'll let you know.

  10. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    Patrick, you're always welcome! If you come, you'll see the region's assets. But you'll also go back to OKC appreciating more what's there (and in some cases, what's not there).

    The Reserve Square is a great example of the subtle benefits of mixed use. Rarely do I come out with my bags of groceries without dodging visitors checking in. It makes things interesting.

    By the way, I like the design of Toby Keith's Roadhouse. It's obviously not brick, but I think it will fit in easily and contribute to the uniqueness of Bricktown. Yet it's real value will be in the frequency of topnotch acts it brings in; it could be the venue that blows the doors off OKC's country music scene.
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  11. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    Not Brick? I just figured that the brick on it was brown instead of red. I didn't think OKC would let any type of building, Toby Keith or not, build in BRICKtown without some brick on it.


  12. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    It doesn't look like it from the sketch...but the article doesn't say anything about materials...
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    Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    I would think that it would HAVE to include at least some brick. Is this right next to the Harkins cinema?

  14. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    Look closely at the artists rendering. You can tell on the first level where it contains brick. The rest looks like it may be stucco. A design element quite under used in Oklahoma. Stucco, to me, looks better than brick.

    Hey, Now that is a novel idea... Stuccotown.

  15. Post Re: Design for Toby Keith venue


    A great example of mixed use is Vancouver's Wall Centre. The complex consists of three towers with over 700 hotel rooms. The tallest tower (currently the tallest tower in Van City) has condo's on the top 12 floors. This is arguably the best Sheraton hotel anywhere!

    Wall Centre, downtown Vancouver
    http://www.sheratonwallcentre.com/ [be sure to watch the film!]

    Vancouver has many other mixed use examples. Another example is the soon to be built Living Shangri-La, a 60+ storey tower that will be the tallest in Van City. The bottom 12 will be a 5-star Shangri-La hotel (adding to the 4 other 5-stars downtown Van), while the upper will be condos. It would be great to own the top penthouse in that tower! I will try to copy/paste pics in here.

    How do I post a pic, I have a great image of Living Shangri-La. Plz PM. Thx
    Living Shangri-La, downtown Vancouver

    Another supertall will be built at Georgia and Howe. It will look like a giant crystal, but will have the same config as Living Shangri-La. I believe it will also be a five star hotel with condos on top. As if Van did not have enough fine accomodations downtown, more are coming to the New York of the West Coast.

    There is a downtown conference there in a few weeks. I sent an email to downtownokc and okc muni to make sure they knew about it and/or were attending.

    Vancouver surely has lead the world in downtown living and design. I sure wish OKC could implement some Vancouver condo concepts! We in Seattle are trying, but they are priced out of our market right now (most are over $1mil).
    Oklahoma City, the RENAISSANCE CITY!

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    Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    I think a mixed-use hotel/condo would be great for downtown OKC. Not only would it be very immediatelyfunctional, but having a development like this would give OKC a further forward thinking, cosmopolitan feel.

    I hope it happens!

  17. Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    I hope it happens!
    Me too, luke. Me too
    Oklahoma City, the RENAISSANCE CITY!

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Design for Toby Keith venue

    Thanks Hot Rod for the info. It's great to see successful examples of hotel/residential mix. Living in Oklahoma, it's ard to see good examples of that, because we just don't have any. That's why I asked! Anyways, those examples make me think even more, that if we're truly going to be a big city we need to seek some of these great developmental concepts.

    Back to the Toby Keith venue......I think the color on that sketch is just bad.....from what I have been told from various sources, it will be very similar to the Sonic building......red brick on the bottom half, and white stucco/concrete on the top half......exactly like the Sonic Building.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    I'm glad to see another Lower Bricktown project breaking ground. Lower Bricktown is starting to fill up nicely.

    "Toby Keith eatery start scheduled

    Country music star and Oklahoma native Toby Keith will break ground Thursday on his 600-seat restaurant and music hall at 310 Johnny Bench Blvd. in Bricktown.
    Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill is being built by Keith and the Hal Smith Restaurant Group.

    After an announcement at 2 p.m., Keith, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, Smith and developer Randy Hogan will shovel the first mound of dirt to officially start construction. "

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    Just another article relating to this topic:

    "Country music star Toby Keith breaks ground on downtown restaurant

    Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2004
    OKCBusiness NewsWire

    Country music star Toby Keith breaks ground on downtown restaurant

    Toby Keith, Oklahoma native and Country Music Entertainer of the year, joined business and civic leaders today for the groundbreaking ceremony of the singer’s restaurant, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill.

    The $4.7 million project is scheduled to open in Spring 2005 and is being built along the canal, south of Reno Avenue.

    “The whole concept reflects my passion for Oklahoma and where everyone will feel comfortable,” Keith said.

    The restaurant is named after a Keith’s “I Love This Bar” song from his 2003 Album of the Year SHOCK’N’ Y’ALL.

    Hal Smith Restaurant Group is building the 12,000-square-foot venue.

    “This is by far the most exciting restaurant I’ve been a part of,” said Hal Smith, principal of Hal Smith Restaurant Group.

    Mayor Mick Cornett said the newly developed area in which the restaurant will be a spot hot spot for businesses.

    “This has the potential to be the marquee spot in Oklahoma City,” Cornett said.

    Keith said there was one main criterion for the restaurant.

    “The food had to be great,” he said. “I’ve been in all the themed restaurants, and the food is terrible.” Keith said he was going to be sure to give hungry Oklahomans what they want.

    “I don’t want somebody coming up to me at an OU game and say, ‘Hey, your steaks suck.’”

    Keith said he believed his restaurant would bring synergy to the area. The restaurant is positioned in the newly developing area called Lower Bricktown, which is being developed by Bricktown Entertainment, LLC.

    Randy Hogan, principal of Bricktown Entertainment, LLC, said the new restaurant will cause more people to come and experience Lower Bricktown’s attractions."

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    In a news story I heard, Keith said artists pass through our city all the time, on their way to concert venues. Most concerts are on the weekends, so most of the artists usually pass through during the week. In the past, we've had nothing to lure them off the highway. Now Keith hopes to lure them to his venue to perform during the week. This is awesome.
    One can only hope that this will be so successful that other similar venues will move to the Bricktown area.

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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    I just hope that he doesn't pull a Barry Switzer, and shut down his restaurant, just so that he can have a tax write off. Barry has a big influence on Toby (which is sad). I'm sure that Toby plans on having success, however, if he doesn't..what next?

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    The sad part is that Barry made everyone think he was losing money on his restaurants. He was actually making money, just not a killing like he probably first hoped for.

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    swake Guest

    Default Re: Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    I don’t care for country music, but this sounds like a cool concept. I wish Garth Brooks or his girlfriend would open something like this in Tulsa, sadly I think they are too happy being retired. Even Roy Clark could do it.. Hopefully they will consider it if this does well there.

  25. Default Re: Toby Keith restaurant to break ground

    I heard Keith wants a sign like you see at places like MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

    That would be great, however, would it violate the billboard ban on 40.

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