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Thread: 1 NW 12th

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    Auto Alley 1 NW 12th

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    [category=]Automobile Alley[/category]


    Address: 1 NW 12th
    Start Date:
    Finish Date: 1919
    Height in Feet / Floors: 5 floors
    Sq. Feet: 41,408
    Acreage: .7231

    Information & Latest News


    Life House
    Life House Coffee Shop & Books

    County Assessor Record


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    So this is what this property is being used for:


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    cferguson Guest

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    Has anyone been to the top of this building? From outside, it looks like an awesome loft with a great view of the city. It would be great if this building was renovated b/c it looks like it has a lot of potential. How long has the current Lifehouse org has been in this building?

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    When I was in highschool we helped them clean up a few floors. Spent a bunch of time on the roof (and putting pennies on the railroad) has agreat view, and even better now 10 years later.

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    I'm not familiar with HGL Construction. Will they be a "good" tenant for this building?

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    They bought the old Jokers building in Bricktown in 2014 and absolutely nothing has happened there since.

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