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Thread: Cincinnati: Cool Over-The-Rhine instagrams

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    Default Cincinnati: Cool Over-The-Rhine instagrams

    I loved this instagram gallery of Cincinnati's version of Mid-town (well, that's laughable to say, OTR is much bigger)

    For those of you like me who just like the pretty pictures and gloss over the extra verbage, I thought this OTR site was like an urban photography feast. Some of us could probably put a site like this for OKC to good use, too..

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    Default Re: Cincinnati: Cool Over-The-Rhine instagrams

    What a fabulous neighborhood in a beautiful -- if painfully divided -- city. Cincy is an architectural feast; it didn't level block after city block of historic buildings. It's had its share of racial strife, but the X and Y generations are more interested in living in more racially diverse settings, and the Over the Rhine neighborhood is one example of the kind of urban development tableau we would love to see in OKC. I enjoyed visiting Cincinnati a few years ago and look forward to returning one of the days.

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    Default Re: Cincinnati: Cool Over-The-Rhine instagrams

    Yeah, well said. Speaking of that racial strife, there was something I read in the Cincy Enquirer that floored me. This kind of thing would probably strike you the same way (which is disgust, unfortunately):

    "Visible signs of change have yet to reach the part of Over-the-Rhine where a bullet pierced Africa’s neck, though the proposed Cincinnati streetcar route will pass just a block to the west on Race Street at Findlay Market."

    Apparently from what I've been told by some acquaintances in Ohio, the Enquirer has had a vendetta against the Cincy streetcar project since Day 1, but this seems to go over the line. They have used a bullet's path through this poor victim as an artfully disgusting allusion to the streetcar's path through the OTR neighborhood. I couldn't even believe this article as I was reading it.

    The Oklahoman is pretty bad and occasionally offensive, but at least never that offensive. Most of the reporters covering downtown (Lackmeyer or Kimball) would resign in a fit if asked to write something that offensive. What has "mainstream" journalism become? This kind of thing exemplifies why people have officially turned en masse to alt weeklies like the Gazette for urban news, because the mainstream rags just don't get it.

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