We hope you'll enjoy walking down memory lane with these labeled aerials that were all shot on Tuesday September 30, 1969.

The easiest way to dive in is to use the Map Index and click on the major intersection closest to what you would like to view. You can then move one mile west, east, north or south or return to the map index. Or, you can merely scroll through all the posts to find the intersection of interest. (Please keep in mind these are rather randomly listed.)

Each map/thread represents approximately one square mile centered on the major intersection. In other words, the map extends just over 1/2 mile in every direction from the intersection. The maps were meant to slightly overlap and the goal was not to leave any gaps.

If you want to see the high-resolution version merely click on the map itself. It will open in a new window and depending on your browser configuration, may need to click again to zoom in fully. As you'll see, these images are very sharp and detailed.

We are also doing our best to label the various business and structures in each photograph. If you have any information, please reply to the thread and reference the item of interest by number. Over time, we will then update the aerials and index to reflect the new information.