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    Default Map Index

    Click on intersection to display aerial photo.

    Santa Fe
    Dan&Blvd Dan&Bry Dan&Col
    N. 178th
    2&SF 2&Kel 2&Blvd 2&Bry 2&Col
    N. 164th
    15&SF 15&Kel 15&Blvd 15&Bry 15&Col
    N. 150th
    150&SF 33&Kel 33&Blvd 33&Bry 33&Col
    Mem&Mac Mem&Mer Mem&Port Mem&May Mem&Penn Mem&West Mem&SF Mem&Kel Mem&Blvd Mem&Bry Mem&Col
    N. 122nd
    122&Rock 122&Mac 122&Mer 122&Port 122&May 122&Penn 122&West 122&SF 122&Kel 122&Eas 122&Bry
    Hef&Rock Hef&Mac Hef&Mer Hef&Port Hef&May Hef&Penn Hef&West Hef&SF Hef&Kel Hef&Eas Hef&Bry
    Brit&Rock Brit&Mac LAKE HEFNER Brit&May Brit&Penn Brit&West Brit&SF Brit&Kel Brit&Eas Brit&Bry
    Wil&Rock Wil&Mac Wil&Mer Wil&Port Wil&May Wil&Penn Wil&West Wil&SF Wil&Kel Wil&Eas Wil&Bry
    N. 63rd
    63&Rock 63&Mac 63&Mer 63&Port 63&May 63&Penn 63&West 63&SF 63&Kel 63&Eas 63&Bry
    N. 50th
    50&Rock 50&Mac 50&Mer 50&Port 50&May 50&Penn 50&West 50&SF 50&Kel 50&Eas 50&Bry
    N. 36th
    36&Rock 36&Mac 36&Mer 36&Port 36&May 36&Penn 36&West 36&SF 36&Kel 36&Eas 36&Bry 36&Col
    N. 23rd
    23&Rock 23&Mac 23&Mer 23&Port 23&May 23&Penn 23&West 23&SF 23&Kel 23&Eas 23&Bry 23&Col
    N. 10th
    10&Rock 10&Mac 10&Mer 10&Port 10&May 10&Penn 10&West 10&SF 10&Kel 10&Eas 10&Bry 10&Col
    Reno&Rock Reno&Mac Reno&Mer Reno&Port Reno&May Reno&Penn Reno&West Reno&SF Reno&Kel Reno&Eas Reno&Bry Reno&Col
    S. 15th
    15&Rock 15&Mac 15&Mer 15&Port 15&May 15&Penn 15&West 15&SF 15&Kel 15&Eas 15&Bry 15&Col
    S. 29th
    29&Rock 29&Mac 29&Mer 29&Port 29&May 29&Penn 29&West 29&SF 29&Kel 29&Eas 29&Bry 29&Col
    S. 44th
    44&Rock 44&Mac 44&Mer 44&Port 44&May 44&Penn 44&West 44&SF 44&Kel 44&Eas 44&Bry 44&Col
    S. 59th
    59&Rock 59&Mac 59&Mer 59&Port 59&May 59&Penn 59&West 59&SF 59&Kel 59&Eas 59&Bry 59&Col
    S. 74th
    74&Rock 74&Mac 74&Mer 74&Port 74&May 74&Penn 74&West 74&SF 74&Kel
    S. 89th
    89&Rock 89&Mac 89&Mer 89&Port 89&May 89&Penn 89&West 89&SF 89&Kel
    S. 104th
    104&Port 104&May 104&Penn 104&West 104&SF 104&Kel
    S. 119th
    119&SF 119&Kel
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    Default Re: Map Index

    Are you going to go out to sooner-midwest blvd-douglas? I'm researching that area in the SPencer Jones area--36th to 10th or so--and would love to see this area from 1969.

    FYI: Another research project I've got going--a history paper on a local business-- shows the operation in its prime. It didn't really give me anything new, but it did give me a visual image which supports my research. That's totally cool!

    THis archive is a real gem Pete! Thanks for sharing it.

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    Default Re: Map Index

    Yes, I hope to eventually fill in all the way to Douglass and south to Norman.

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    Default Re: Map Index

    I have posted a link to the photos to the Del City history facebook page and have posted on the Midwest City History and Memories facebook page a heads up for upcoming photos of Midwest City.

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    Default Re: Map Index

    Looking for additions of Reno/sooner and s.e. 29th/Choctaw rd?

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    Default Re: Map Index


    Have you thought about trying to get this stuff into google earth's historic imagery or anything? It seems like it would be a nice addition and would make it easier to view. Right now their historic OKC imagery only goes back to 1990.

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    Default Re: Map Index

    Amazing! I found my old house on SW 81st Street. I was only 5 years old in 1969. Thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: Map Index

    What an awesome project! I have been "time traveling" all over the City - I think I saw myself back at Linwood looking up

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    Default Re: Map Index

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    Yes, I hope to eventually fill in all the way to Douglass and south to Norman.
    Being from Moore I can't wait until you get down that far!

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    Default Re: Map Index

    It looks like there used to be a Twin (or more accurately, Back-to-Back) Drive-In Movie theater at the SE Corner of 122nd and Penn. Anyone remember this? If so, what was the name of the place?

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    Default Re: Map Index

    Never mind. I did a little digging and it turns out that the Drive-In Theater was the North Penn Twin and was in business from about 1963 to 1973. Sort of an interesting story about it involving a lawsuit regarding the smell of sewage interfering with business. The smell of sewage prevailed.

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    Default Re: Map Index

    What do you use to get the imagery, Historic Areals?

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