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Thread: Villa Teresa

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    Great pics, Pete!

    I know these will sell. Just might be in 2022. The location is too great.

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    Plans have been submitted for the hotel conversion.

    The condos along Dewey are complete although most of them are waiting for buyers before they are completely finished out on the inside. According to their website, 6 of the 17 units have been sold.

    illa Teresa Convent and School, an institution in Oklahoma City for over 75 years, was established on a residential block by the Carmelite Sisters of St. Therese in 1933. Gradually, the Sisters purchased several contiguous properties from 1933 to 1970. The first property purchased, a 2-1/2 story Colonial Revival style residence built in 1917-1918, was used as a pre-school and residence for the sisters. To accommodate a growing enrollment and add more grades, additional lots and residences were purchased. By 1970 the campus was comprised of three of the early 20th century homes original to the block, the 1950 school built by the sisters, and the 1967 convent addition to the most stately home. The beloved school shut down in 2012 and has remained in waiting for a new purpose.

    The soon to new boutique hotel with extensive restaurant offerings, meeting rooms, and mix of contemplative private outdoor rooms and exciting site amenities are anticipated for a 2022 opening. The historic campus was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on September 2020.

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    Condos are pretty much complete and work should be starting soon on the renovation of the historic buildings for the hotel.

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    Took this yesterday (5/31).

    Condos and townhomes are pretty much complete; work should start very soon on the boutique hotel which will convert most of the original buildings and add a pool and other amenities in the middle near the cluster of trees.

    To the middle left is the construction site for The Spaniard apartments.

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    Was the bike lane removed from this street?

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    You can still sorta see it in the photo toward the intersection, and it still shows on the ACOG interactive map, but I'll hit them up to see what the intent is there.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    nice and green! Some tulsa folks think okc doesn't have trees

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    Update on the bike lane on Dewey, got a response from planning:

    Yes, Dewey is actually something I’ve wondered about before, and I actually plan to do a little investigating into how this bike lane came to be. They show up on the earliest available Google street view in 2007, meaning they’ve existed for at least 15 years. There is a bike lane on only one side of the street from NW 36th down to NW 23rd, then disappear from 23rd to 13th (my guess is that Mesta/HH didn’t want to lose on-street parking for it), then continues from 13th to 11th, as you noted, and finally picks back up at 7th and continues down to 4th.

    Bottom line: This is something we need to hash out in the bikewalkokc update (we’re getting close to wrapping up the pedestrian section, then moving along to bike and trails). I’m not inclined to want to take a bike lane away if the work has already been done to limit on-street parking and stripe it in, so I think we’re leaning toward wanting to keep and improve upon that bike route. While the street is too narrow to stripe bike lanes on both sides, I would still think it’s important to include both directions on the route. I’ve seen other cities that have streets with a bike lane on one side and sharrows on the opposite side, which we would be okay with if it’s a low-speed low-traffic street, like Dewey.

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