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Thread: Recycling old wooden power poles??

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    Question Recycling old wooden power poles??

    I have noticed lately in my area that OGE is moving poles back from the roadway about 5-10 ft to make way for road widening. My question is why can't they recycle the old power poles? After they bury a new pole and run the OGE line they hack the top off and leave the phone lines. Then when ATT moves their lines they chop it up like a tree. Can they not pull the poles out and reuse them? Seems costly to keep buying new poles if they could just move the old ones.

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    Those wooden poles were treated with creosote or something equally toxic. There is no inexpensive way to remove the chemicals, so they usually end up in a landfill.

    I think moving is inefficient because they only have a certain life span and they probably don't want to run new installations on old poles.

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