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    Default Rock Creek Overpass?

    Had a question for you guys in the know. I thought I ran across someone commenting that they were going to building an overpass for Rock Creek Rd at I-35. Is this accurate? I grew up in Oklahoma, went to OU, but now live in Dallas. I stumbled across this website, and love getting on here now to read up on what's happening in the metro. Curious as to why they would build an overpass right there? Is there a lot of traffic that needs to get off right there? Why not get off at Tecumseh? This probably isn't a good thing for the businesses that are right off of Robinson and Tecumseh? Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    it is an overpass ... and it is built but it is not an exit from the interstate ...

    the west side of norman and exploded in growth around that area and the overpass is to connect them to the University North park shopping area

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    It is intended to relieve some of the increased local traffic congestion on Robinson and Tecumseh. It's been open several months. In the several times I have used it, traffic on it has been limited to me, another car or two and someone on a bike. Meanwhile Tecumseh and Robinson remain fairly packed, with Robinson being the heavier traveled of the two. Maybe I just always hit the light times.

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    I use the new over pass and it seems like gradually more people are using it.
    I’m hoping that as new retail business is built on the far North West side of Norman that it will relieve traffic on Robinson.
    But they need to do something with the traffic lights on Robinson.

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    Thanks guys for the replies! I guess I'm several months behind. I've driven through Norman on a few occasions in the past several months, yet never noticed the overpass. Guess I'm not very observant; doesn't help that it's an overpass only with no on/off ramp.

    Is there really congestion on Tecumseh?! What businesses outside of the hospital are even near there? Don't seem to be very many homes in that area, so I wouldn't have guessed for Tecumseh to have heavy traffic.

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    It might help you if you looked at satellite map of far NW Norman

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    Yeah, Tecumseh is now a 4 lane heavy traffic road from 60th (Western in OKC) on the west side across town to 12th NE (Sooner RD in OKC). 12th Sooner has been a 4 lane n/s run for many years now and they are about to start turning 60th/Western into a 4 lane road on into OKC as well.

    Tecumseh carries a lot of folks that used to crowd Robinson (and Robinson remains crowded all the same.) Rock Creek even with the overpass carries less traffic. I'm guessing this is primarily because unless you are going to UNP or the Embassy Suites, once you cross 35, you have to either go down to Robinson or up to Tecumseh to go anywhere else from Rock Creek. Rock Creek does not go through due to the airport, but it is also 4 lane from Flood/HWY 77 on over to 12th NE.

    I wish more folks used those two roads to further lessen the loads on Robinson and Main.

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    Yes what Kevin said. 24th Ave NW is now home to University North Park shopping center, which houses tons of shopping and restaurants and until recently the only way for far NW Norman folks (living off of 36th Ave NW) to get to it was to go across Tecumseh and down 24th. Now they can just cut across Rock Creek and turn right and they're there.

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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    By the way these photos may interest you:


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    Default Re: Rock Creek Overpass?

    appreciate the feedback everyone.

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