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    Default The economy is getting better!


    This still sucks though. But we're getting better each month.

    Looked at another way, the unemployment rate is an even higher 15.1% if the data includes people with part-time positions who cannot find full-time jobs and those who have recently given up looking for work.

    The U.S. would need to add about 250,000 jobs a month for several years to bring the unemployment rate back down to pre-recession levels. The jobless rate ranged from 3.8% to 6.2% in the seven years prior to the 2007-2009 recession.

    Also Friday, the Labor Department said average hourly earnings rose by 4 cents, or 0.2%, to $23.29 in January. That was in line with expectations. The average workweek was unchanged at 34.5 hour

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    Default Re: The economy is getting better!

    And this is certainly not good news for the Obama haters.

    Lynn Vavreck, an associate professor of political science and communications at UCLA, has studied the effect of gross domestic product and the unemployment rate on presidential campaigns going as far back as 1952.

    Her analysis shows there appears to be little or no connection between an incumbent president's vote share and the unemployment rate. But there is a clear connection between votes for the incumbent and the direction the unemployment rate is moving.

    "Is it good that the unemployment rate is dropping for Obama? Yes, it's good," Vavreck said. "Does it matter what it drops to? No. That's actually pretty irrelevant."

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